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Striking gold! Stevia, pumpkin-berry smoothies and giant zucchinis

A while back Ann from An Unrefined Vegan was awesome enough to host a competition in conjunction with NuNaturals, and guess who was one of the winners? That’s right, your local delinquent! I’ve been on the edge of my seat for a while now, because overseas shipping makes me nervous (hello, lost Amazon books?), but Man-thing sent a message yesterday that everything had arrived in one shiny box. Huzzah! He had to go look after my MIL’s African Grey whilst they gallivant on a cruise ship, so I had a whole evening to scour the internet looking for recipes to try out with my new bounty. In the end I decided to wing it, because I wanted to use as little ingredients as possible, and as little chocolate as possible (because yikes, overindulgence has been the keyword for the past month or so). Unfortunately “winging it” doesn’t always lead to success. So back to the drawing boards I go! That doesn’t mean I am not beyond excited about my free goodies – come take a peek!

steviapack-1 bottlesofdoom-1

The best part of all this is that I actually got a free prize even though I live far, far away from the magical land of the US, where all these glorious giveaways usually take place – oh so privileged and stoked to have gotten something in the mail!

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Holiday! Carrot-beetballs and rainbow dal

A while back I arranged through my super kind FIL to book us a little holiday near the Sudwala Caves for this long weekend, and since day one my mind has been reeling, making menus and trying to be creative with little success. Unfortunately eating out is impractical since there usually isn’t much on the menu to modify outside of dry toast or cheese-less pizza, neither of which is healthiest of choices! So to be prepared for all things, I wrote it all down. What you see below is the “final cut” condensed list. I purposely threw away the other notes, because I ended up with 10 (!!) A4 pages filled top to bottom, along with countless other little scraps of paper and some scribblings in my work diary.


An amazing green mango-strawberry smoothie – I have to survive til Monday without one!! 😦

Obsessed? Yes. I can’t help it when an opportunity presents itself to think of food in transit, in situations and in memories. We plan to go spelunking in the caves (well, exploring), visiting a dinosaur park, and taking long walks around the estate. All in all such moments require sustenance. Nothing better than some wraps, hummus, carrot-beetballs and dal to tide one over so far from home! Continue reading