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Choc banana loaf bars {vegan + gluten-free}

I know, I know, it’s like I couldn’t make up my mind about what on earth this is. It’s a loaf and works as a bar, so… yep. That’s as big as my brain can go at the moment! With lesson prep for school, a new kitty to integrate (see below!!), and general life to organize, it’s difficult to stay afloat sometimes without a little help. Chocolate helps. Bananas help. Onward ho for munchies!Choc banana loaf bars via Marfigs' Munchies {vegan + gluten-free} Continue reading


Creamy turtle chocolate squares

Ngghhh. I don’t know how else to introduce this, but it’s good. Really pretty on the slab and in my mouth. That sounds raunchier than it’s meant to be, but it’s Friday and my brain is somewhat fried :pCreamy turtle chocolate squares - Marfigs' Munchies [vegan + gluten-free]And before you all dash off to see what’s what, don’t forget to download your super free copy of The Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook (all vegan and mostly gluten-free, and of course 100% dedicated to chocolate!) Click on the pic below to jump in ūüėÄThe Chocolate Cleanse Riot E-book via Marfigs' Munchies

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Chickpea scramble (vegan + gluten-free)

My last exam of the season is tomorrow, so naturally I’m procrastinating: reading fic, watching youtube clips on reincarnated Egyptians (Omm Seti), and generally plotting my life around comfort food. To totally legitimize this terrible behaviour I’m sharing something I’ve been munching a few times now for lunch with much glee: easy chickpea scramble that is so protein-packed you won’t feel hungry for a long while after.¬†chickpeascramblesplash

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Pumpkin blackstrap freezer tartlet

I love freezer treats so hard. I even have a tag, as you may have seen. Nom nom! It’s a non-stop heat wave in our part of the world and there’s no way to indulge in anything that isn’t chilled to the proverbial bone. This is a little treat, size-wise, but cut it up into little pieces and you have a delicious bit of munch for every day of the week. Sharing is totally optional ūüėĬ†blackstrapfreezertarletspashAnd don’t forget about the free mini ebook you can download! Holidays may almost be over but there’s no reason not to spoil yourself every day of the year to come.¬†veganxmassplash

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Ouma’s ginger pie {vegan MOFO}

Here goes nothing! My grandmother’s ginger pie¬†veganized¬†and¬†healthy-fied! When I first saw the recipe I wanted to cry because there was so much sugar and processed ingredients, but this is hopefully still delicious, tasty, indulgent, and not too depressing for my grandmother, even though it’s totally different :p
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29 days of rice – carrot hummus calzones – day 10

Tomorrow is the big move! It’s crazy business at the moment but we are just pushing through and determined that everything will go well. If you’re into that sort of thing Man-thing is a Taurus and I’m a Capricorn, and 13 year old me would have nodded sagely at two of the most boring zodiac signs doing their best to live up to their own organizational standards. Let’s just say we have an open door policy for calming agents!


For fuel I decided on homemade, awesomesauce rice-based “calzone”¬†and an easy sauce – my food processor and blender are going in the car with me since I don’t trust anyone with my precious life savers, but this is easy enough to make as a last supper of sorts, since all you really need is a baking pan at minimum and a panini press if you’re feeling fancy.¬† Continue reading


Gingerbread pumpkin pretzel protein bars

The other day I managed to make some freezer treat pretzel bites with turkish delight that were very much Man-thing approved. The most perplexing part of all was that I had soaked my dates in coffee (decaf, admittedly), and he actually loved that! Man-thing doesn’t drink coffee, for the record, so this was an uber win for team awesome, because I’m going to take this as permission to add coffee to pretty much anything from now on.pumpkinpretzelsfrostinggalore1I’m pretty much wired by now to expect coffee straight after a meal, so adding coffee to the meal itself is really game-changing stuff for me. I’ll still have my coffee on the side, but any way that I can get more java is just grand.

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