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Banana almond + oat crumble (GF)

Tra la! So, today’s post is not an original recipe, but I’m actually participating in Deliciously Ella’s giveaway competition (hurry if you want to take part!). Basically you chose one of her recipes, take some snaps, and link back to her facebook page and gab about it on twitter! 😀 I did make her apple, raisin and pear cake the other day, but by the time it was baked and then eaten there was not a drop left for me to take snaps of :p This banana, cinnamon and almond crumble was one of many, many choices, because seriously, there is a bounty of yummy to be had on Ella’s website.

We were supposed to go to Cullinan today with my SIL and her man, Foxtrot, but our fridge decided to perish last night, so we’ve been frantic contacting people and organizing a replacement. Luckily my awesome dad & co are giving us their extra fridge (which is new anyhow!), so now we’re waiting for people with big cars to help us pick up, drop off, and all that lovely stuff one doesn’t really plan on doing during a holiday. It’s fortuitous then that I made this crumble yesterday and had no idea who would eat it all – now I get to feed all our awesome, helpful family members! 😀 We’re going to make some vegan custard and warm it up before dishing it up, and to be honest the thought of sharing is enough reward for all this drama. This dish is simple but effective – delicious is actually the right word! The only slight modification I made was to use 1/4 cup of date paste and 2 TBSP agave instead of the maple syrup, but simply because I can’t afford maple syrup. Either way, this recipe is now on my go-to for quick and tasty desserts to pull together in a flash! I’m especially to share with my diabetic FIL since it’s rather low “sugar” and there means he can eat an entire piece without becoming ill. Win all round!

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Buckwheat-oat banana brownies (gf)

I’ve been sitting with a bag of over-ripe bananas for a while now, and I can’t bring myself to use them in smoothies since I got a box of delicious mangoes that I’ve been keeping in the freezer for that purpose to go with pumpkin. Bananas are fantastic as natural sweeteners in baked goods. They also provide that extra bit of squish and binding that one needs. Supreme in its yumminess! I decided to make some quick brownies to send with Man-thing to my female pals at the archives on campus, as healthy treats. If I bake as much as I did last night and kept it all for myself and Man-thing we would struggle to fit out the door to get more ingredients!

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