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Falafel frosted hummus tart

Crazy food time! Ok, maybe not so crazy, because there’s falafel involved and that’s pretty much what most people want out of life (or at least in their stomachs). I figured I’d be a bit indulgent and faff around with some of my favourite ingredients and put the “protein” question six feet under because there is no mistaking this for a protein party and a celebration of lovely wholesome ingredients! 😀falafelslicepiesplashI’m also sharing this over at Healthy Vegan Fridays – go have a look at all the deliciousness! 😀

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Sweet mini pita apple cabbage caramel swirl pockets

Lazy, lazy day! Today I’m bringing you a  simple but comforting little snack-dish that can be made ahead of time and stuffed and munched when you’re in the mood for something sweet but filling. I think many of us can agree on apples and dates as a combination of delight, but I have a soft spot for cabbage, so there you have it – veggies to totally justify this as a healthy indulgence, if you need such an excuse 😉 stuffedpitayums3stuffedpitayums4 Continue reading


Lemon fig + chocolate pistachio baklava

With the holidays looming I find it’s always a good idea to play around with pastry, because that’s really a life-saver for when you have minimal ingredients in the house and need to whip something delicious and guest-friendly out of your pantry. The cooling period in the fridge is the most time consuming part of this whole recipe, because it’s actually super straight-forward and indulgent!


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Blog anniversary + stewed fruit custard cake

Marfigs’ Munchies turns 2! 😀 In the midst of so much chaos (see below) I figure it’s important to take stock of what makes you happy and gets you through difficult times, and this blog is certainly my form of therapy. I’m so exited to still be blogging and amazed by food, because my personality type is usually YAY-then-yawn in a rather short period of time. I started the blog as a way to stop bugging my Facebook friends with food (though admittedly it’s gotten worse for them!), so I could never have guessed I’d end up still eagerly blogging on and learning so much about food, nutrition, and general well-being in the process.

cakeprofilefruit1Thanks to everyone who puts up with my exclamation marks, my silly ideas, and my wonky photography – you guys are great!

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WIAW + entertaining our first dinner guest!

WIAW! It seems I overworked the previous month and so I have to work less to stay on target for my allocated hours – ergo Wednesdays are half-free! 😀 It’s always demoralizing having to work on a Wednesday when I want to rock out and create something uber shiny, so this is a welcome consequence of not being able to do maths and overworking myself in October. wiaw fall into good habits buttonstrudelopenWhat better way to celebrate than with company and pastry?

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Upside down white peach banana bread

The other day I was stuck with a few browning bananas and nothing to do with them but bake a bread. Now that papaya season has hit I am all over my favourite smoothie fruit and can breathe with relief after a hard winter diet of apples and bananas. Nothing beats that absolutely gorgeous banana bread smell wafting through the kitchen – when I make it I ensure that I have other kitchen duties so that I can be as close as possible to the delectable smell!topspreadbread jammybread2Also, I bought white peaches thinking yay, fruit, forgetting that Man-thing is a heathen and doesn’t eat them fresh. Honestly. Luckily anything baked into banana bread is somehow magically made delicious to him, so there you have it. A ninja move in plain sight.

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29 days of rice – sushi cinnamon rolls – day 19

Ok, now you all know 100% I’m insane, but I couldn’t help myself. I had wanted to do a type of maki roll, just with an actual cinnamon bun, but that was going to be a fierce operation (the dough was going to be green!) so I came up with this instead. So, completely different to where I originally started, but that’s often how these projects go. Amirite?rollprofile

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