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Shepherd’s pie quesadilla {vegan + gluten-free}

Phew! When is it holiday?? These days every moment, even those in which I am supposedly bored, are basically booked or planned for. I’m not exhausted per se, just rather grumpy. Anyway, all that being said I did some meal prep on Sunday which helped with stress relief and I felt much better, not to mention the house was nicely stocked again for a week’s worth of munching. This is more of an idea that a straight-up recipe, because the ingredients are plain and simple but the result tasty and filling!Vegan & GF Shepherd's Pie Quesadillas via Marfigs' MunchiesAnd once again remember to download the free Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook! (I promise it’s a celebration of chocolate and not at all a traditional “cleanse” :p)The Chocolate Cleanse Riot - Marfigs' Munchies Continue reading



Chickpea scramble (vegan + gluten-free)

My last exam of the season is tomorrow, so naturally I’m procrastinating: reading fic, watching youtube clips on reincarnated Egyptians (Omm Seti), and generally plotting my life around comfort food. To totally legitimize this terrible behaviour I’m sharing something I’ve been munching a few times now for lunch with much glee: easy chickpea scramble that is so protein-packed you won’t feel hungry for a long while after. chickpeascramblesplash

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Beany citrus zucchini {vegan MOFO}

Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is pretty evil, because three things is ridiculously restrictive when there’s such a bounty of food to tempt a perpetually nibbly Marfigs. My three endless food supplies that I would choose if I were to be stranded on an island (imagining my nutritional needs have been met) are, for now at least, kidney beans, oranges and zucchini. 😀beanycitruszucchin5broccoliweb Continue reading



Creamy lemon pasta (gf + v)

Life is great! The other shoe will always drop at some point, so I’ve decided to have a positive attitude in the meantime and just revel in life and all the fun things that are happening at the moment. As dork as it might sound my current glee is the two-day course I’m presenting, and it feels great to be back in an interactive class environment where researchers can see results in front of their very eyes. With all this busy stuff, in between doing assignments, my other work and general care-taking of cats, there isn’t much time for fancy business when it comes to food. That’s where this fun and delicious creamy lemon pasta comes in. Ka-pow!creamypastatopsplashI promise at some point I’ll stop spamming everyone, but remember you can click the link below to download the free new e-book with 30+ vegan root-veggie based recipes! 😀

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BBQ pulled sandwiches

Ok, so something weird happened in the kitchen, and the result is these bbq pulled sandwiches. I have no idea what to say other than yum and more please! :ptopbbqsandwichessplashAnd just to remind you, you can download the free e-book by clicking the pic below! 😀radishsplashpage

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Rasta pasta

Comfort food! There’s surely always a need for such things, and moreso now that Man-thing is busy marking hundreds of exam papers and I’ve got assignments pouring out my ears. We rarely eat pasta but I figured it’s cold, miserable, and carbs are sometimes the only way to get the job of living done :prastapastasplash1

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Sloppy joe pumpkin potatoes {vegan + gluten-free}

There are some things I’ve always been keen to try, and a sloppy joe is one of them. This dish takes a pumpkin-based joe and stuffs it into a grilled baby potato instead of a huge burger, because we impulsively bought the little buggers and then were kind of at a loss as to what to do with them, not being big fans usually. May I just say, yum?

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