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Shepherd’s pie quesadilla {vegan + gluten-free}

Phew! When is it holiday?? These days every moment, even those in which I am supposedly bored, are basically booked or planned for. I’m not exhausted per se, just rather grumpy.¬†Anyway, all that being said I did some meal prep on Sunday which helped with stress relief and I felt much better, not to mention the house was nicely stocked again for a week’s worth of munching. This is more of an idea that a straight-up recipe, because the ingredients are plain and simple but the result tasty and filling!Vegan & GF Shepherd's Pie Quesadillas via Marfigs' MunchiesAnd once again remember to download the free Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook! (I promise it’s a celebration of chocolate and not at all a traditional “cleanse” :p)The Chocolate Cleanse Riot - Marfigs' Munchies Continue reading


Creamy lemon pasta (gf + v)

Life is great! The other shoe will always drop at some point, so I’ve decided to have a positive attitude in the meantime and just revel in life and all the fun things that are happening at the moment. As dork as it might sound my current glee is the two-day course I’m presenting, and it feels great to be back in an interactive class environment where researchers can see results in front of their very eyes. With all this busy stuff, in between doing assignments, my other work and general care-taking of cats, there isn’t much time for fancy business when it comes to food. That’s where this fun and delicious creamy lemon pasta comes in. Ka-pow!creamypastatopsplashI promise at some point I’ll stop spamming everyone, but remember you can click the link below to download the free new e-book with 30+ vegan root-veggie based recipes! ūüėÄ

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Rasta pasta

Comfort food! There’s surely always a need for such things, and moreso now that Man-thing is busy marking hundreds of exam papers and I’ve got assignments pouring out my ears. We rarely eat pasta but I figured it’s cold, miserable, and carbs are sometimes the only way to get the job of living done :prastapastasplash1

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Pretzel pesto + artichoke tofu Sunday supper splash

Today I wanted to share something I’ve been dying to try out for ages – beetroot pasta! :Except, our government-sponsored electricity supplier decided to kill our power in the neighbourhood, so halfway through boiling my precious pasta, which I’ve been saving up for two weeks, there was suddenly a very real lack of boiling. So, this is plan B with all the toppings I had originally planned on. Boo hiss, but oh so delicious nevertheless.¬†bowlsidenom Continue reading


29 days of rice – paella plate – day 4

Yesterday was my sister in law’s wedding and it was AWESOME! Chilled,groovy, pretty awesome couple, friends and family…and, best of all, the most AMAZING vegan dishes! My little sister was so jealous, asking why I got “room service” while everyone else had to go to the buffet, but wow! A stunning butternut soup, followed by a delicious stir fry with cashews, potato puffs, on a nutty base of some sort with a pesto-type smear and paper-thin pumpkin crisps (seriously), AND the most sugary but delightful malva pudding. Yes. ALL MINE! Except I shared, because I had to let everyone taste the delight that had been prepared for me. I know food shouldn’t be a highlight but it really makes my heart super fuzzy when people make such an effort to accommodate me so stylishly!


For today’s dish it’s something simple to counter the decadence of last night…though that’s not to say this is something to sniff at. Hearty, warm, flavourful and rewarding – even Man-thing was preening!
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Gnocchi with homemade apricot-spice tomato sauce

I love gnocchi like a beast. It’s one of the long-term consequences of having lived in Italy for many years, and because of a general love of carbs. It’s delightful, squishy, monstrously tasty…<3! Admittedly a serving size is moderate¬†which is why it’s one of the few dishes where caution is thrown to the wind and given the thumb, because honestly! We found this package of gnocchi the other day and I had to insist, if only to satisfy my soul.

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Cherry tomato pie with nutty parsnip peppadew crust

platedpiebbiteWhat to do with an excess of cherry tomatoes? But pie, of course! Delicious and flavourful reclaimed cracker crust with the sweet tang of tomatoes atop a creamy beany filling with the suprise of baby corn and zucchini nestled inside. Oh man, comfort food is just divine, especially on a sunny¬†but chilly winter’s day.

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