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Blog anniversary + stewed fruit custard cake

Marfigs’ Munchies turns 2! 😀 In the midst of so much chaos (see below) I figure it’s important to take stock of what makes you happy and gets you through difficult times, and this blog is certainly my form of therapy. I’m so exited to still be blogging and amazed by food, because my personality type is usually YAY-then-yawn in a rather short period of time. I started the blog as a way to stop bugging my Facebook friends with food (though admittedly it’s gotten worse for them!), so I could never have guessed I’d end up still eagerly blogging on and learning so much about food, nutrition, and general well-being in the process.

cakeprofilefruit1Thanks to everyone who puts up with my exclamation marks, my silly ideas, and my wonky photography – you guys are great!

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Salted caramel + berry carrot cake

The other day my family came over for a visit and we got gifted with some delicious and amazing treats from their jealousy-inducing garden: carrots and green peppers. We also got catnip seeds to plant in the garden, though I can’t imagine what hell will break loose with the neighbourhood meows if we let that stuff grow.

stickyprofileAnyway, carrots! I adore them with a passion, so I simply had to whip together this super easy and immensely decadent cake. I’m also short on time so this cake is the perfect treat to serve up if you’re dashing about, as is most likely the case for everyone this time of year!

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Stuffed vegan “tuna” cabbage bake with mushroom gravy

Today is a super lazy day which started off with a very high-paced visit to the vet for three of our foster kittens. We’ve got them in a separate room, but we’re advertising their siblings from this week on and will keep the three munchkins until they’re feeling better. With all that up and down I wasn’t in the mood for anything complicated today, so I made the laziest but most delicious Sunday supper.gravyplated1Of course, you have to be the kind of person that sees cabbage as comfort food, as I do, but even if you don’t I’m sure this could convince anyone so silly otherwise! 😀

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Raw cookie dough layer cake

Today is an awesome day! We got five foster kittens yesterday to break in the new kitty section of the house (plans to rent out the rooms are now on furry ice). We then got four more today, so we want to take these healthy, home-to-home kitties and give them a safe and happy place to enjoy life before going to their forever homes and families. ❤cookieprofilesideTo celebrate I made a small but gleeful raw cookie dough layer cake – not sure if that’s at all what it is, but that’s too bad, nay? Words are one thing, but pictures really tell the story. Ergo, Yum: A Suitable Sweet Snack.

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Pretzel pesto + artichoke tofu Sunday supper splash

Today I wanted to share something I’ve been dying to try out for ages – beetroot pasta! :Except, our government-sponsored electricity supplier decided to kill our power in the neighbourhood, so halfway through boiling my precious pasta, which I’ve been saving up for two weeks, there was suddenly a very real lack of boiling. So, this is plan B with all the toppings I had originally planned on. Boo hiss, but oh so delicious nevertheless. bowlsidenom Continue reading



Minty cherry cream and brownie sundae

Man-thing was hard at work this past week marking his students’ exam papers, so naturally that leads to a type of misery infusing his spirit. In such circumstances I don’t want to leave him in a funk of sadness, and I address the problem the only way I know he’ll appreciate: with sugar.Of course, since I don’t actually like processed sugar, I take the natural route, which equals sugar-free, delicious day-time desserts to spoil him and leave him happy. Playing around with food makes me happy, so win-win!sideprofilealone

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Pretzel pesto + smoky hummus pumpkin pie {and a tour of the new house!}

Ta ra! Now that the 29 days of rice to celebrate the new house is over, I thought I’d actually share what this mystical house looks like at the end of the week when everyone’s getting ready to relax and what not. It’s still far from finished, and we have a ton of projects awaiting us, but this is the tarted up “before” version, I guess. If you’ve missed the 29 days of rice posts just click the category tag. 🙂 I’ll be sharing a super delicious and hearty pumpkin pie recipe at the end, but for now, sit back and take a tour!spectacleearthhousecollage

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