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Creamy turtle chocolate squares

Ngghhh. I don’t know how else to introduce this, but it’s good. Really pretty on the slab and in my mouth. That sounds raunchier than it’s meant to be, but it’s Friday and my brain is somewhat fried :pCreamy turtle chocolate squares - Marfigs' Munchies [vegan + gluten-free]And before you all dash off to see what’s what, don’t forget to download your super free copy of The Chocolate Cleanse Riot ebook (all vegan and mostly gluten-free, and of course 100% dedicated to chocolate!) Click on the pic below to jump in ๐Ÿ˜€The Chocolate Cleanse Riot E-book via Marfigs' Munchies

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The chocolate cleanse riot: free ebook!

It’s finally here!! I can’t remember if I’ve been sneaky or not about this ebook (which is possibly another layer of ninja if I can hide even that from myself) but I’ve finished and it’s all yours for free and it’s 100% dedicated to my food mistress: chocolate. No matter how busy I get or how lazy, there’s always time in the day for a nibble on something chocolate-y. I may have something of an addiction, but I’ve decided to make a total chocolate cleanse for myself….with chocolate. And since it’s free, you can “cleanse” with me! ๐Ÿ˜€Chocolate Cleanse Riot Ebook via Marfigs Munchies Continue reading


Cauliflower nice-cream bowls

I simply have to share something that’s been taking over my life for the past fortnight or so since my blender broke (one of many). When you have a habit of smoothie bowls for breakfast and no means to an end, you make a plan! With my ancient food processor at my side, I’ve discovered the most delicious, filling, big-portioned monster of a meal that is super diabetic friendly, tastes great and is so modifiable it’s crazy.Cauliflower nice cream bowls - Marfigs' Munchies Continue reading


Nutty crumble cocoa oat bars

Warning, this is all about the comfort food, since this has been a sucky month and I don’t foresee any let-up anytime soon (and hence chocolate!). I’ve got my first exam later today, so naturally I’m procrastinating just a little, but I’ve been meaning to share my comfort munchies for the past week or so, so here goes! ๐Ÿ™‚crumbletopdeckbarssplash

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Tangerine grape popsicles

It is ridiculous at the moment in South Africa – one minute hot and the next cold. All my meal planning goes out the window when I plan for warming oat bowls and steaming zoodles and then it’s all sunshine and chirpiness, or when I haul out the frozen fruit and it starts raining.ย At any rate I never need many excuses to indulge in something delicious!ย With that in mind, I’m going to represent the south and share a super easy but delicious and somewhat creamy tangerine grape pop recipe.grapepopssplash

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Pumpkin pecan pear muffins

How did it get to be Sunday already? This whole week, if not year, was just a big ol’ blur, but in between there were, at the very least, these delicious muffins for lunchbox business. Easy, ridiculously so!pumpkinpearmuffinssplash

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Superfood banana bread

This is such a fun bread to have in the house, no jokes! I bought an excess of bananas the other day (as if there is ever such a thing, as I have mournfully discovered), so I decided to bake one of Man-thing’s favourites: the good ol’ banana bread. Except, MOAR banana and crunch and yum and also healthy stuff, because we can’t just eat chocolate all day long, except for when we do and it’s hidden inside wild baked goods. ๐Ÿ˜€

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