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Peach chia oat bowl

Today’s recipe isn’t so much a recipe as it is a squashing together of ingredients that come together to be super tasty. I’ve been on the chia train for the past fortnight or so and it has done an admirable job of keeping me full, so I decided to pair it with oats for a powerhouse of fullness and nutrition. Click for the how-to!peachchiabowsplash Continue reading


NuNaturals giveaway (4 winners)!

YAY! It’s finally here – a giveaway of my favourite brand of goodies: NuNaturals 😀 You may have seen it in the ingredient list of most of my recipes and there’s a reason for that. It is the most versatile range of products to give flavour and sweetness to my daily and special treats without the dread of sugar rushes and diabetes, and apart from that just tastes fabulous! Click below to enter the super easy, INTERNATIONAL giveaway! 😀 nnproteinpowdersmoothie

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Apple cornbread French toast cake (gf + v)

Some of you may know that despite life getting the best of me sometimes, I like to plan ahead and have as much control as possible. Well, this has been on my to-do list since last year October, and I’m only now getting around to making it, but the point is I did, so suck it studies – I can totally multitask! 😀frenchtoastsplash1 Continue reading

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GF + V Penny pancakes {vegan MOFO}

Welcome to another installment of Vegan Mofo! I’m hoping you’ll forgive my absence since I’m technically crashing the party anyway 😉 Today’s theme is the most retro, so I spent my sick day yesterday trolling the web for retro recipes and came across this. The second I showed it to Man-thing he was sold and insisted on the whole matter, which is why you have faux sausages instead of some horrifying jelly mould. I guess that’s a good thing! Retro is a very, very scary term to search for, as it turns out.

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No-bake banana bread ball parfait

Today is apparently (inter)national Eat Dessert First Day! This is my kinda day, because that’s the way the universe should function: pudding first, real life later. Luckily for me summer is almost here and then I can have dessert for breakfast every day in the form of a smoothie bowl, which is nature’s candy. In the meantime, here is a meager but easy offering to take the edge off of a Wednesday.pudding5 Continue reading


Breakfast barley bowl

Today’s post is a very simple little hello in the form of a breakfast barley bowl. I’ve been trying to cut down on junk food of late, since being vegan doesn’t mean eating healthy necessarily, so this was my way of kickstarting Sunday with some nutritional pow. I’ve also been cooking up a storm trying out recipes from Annie’s wonderful book, Crave Eat Heal, so all in all this was a pretty food-filled weekend, definitely defined by those words.barleybowl1

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Chickpea granola + baked banana toast

It’s Monday already, but luckily the school is closed today so I only have to go in a bit later to the job at university – all of which means I get to share with you a breakfast meal at the appropriate time! 😀 chickpeatoastsplash Continue reading