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Adventures in vegan eats and feats


Orange + blueberry cookies

I’m a cookie monster. That is, I can slay a packet in seconds flat but creating them is another story altogether. Somehow I have the motivation to make layered cakes, baklava and even chutney from scratch, but cookies are terrifying? Well, quirks and what not. Or laziness. Either way, it’s holiday (is my gloating getting to be a bit much? :D) so I have no excuses. Cookies for everyone!xmascookiessplash Continue reading


Red lentil burger wraps with curried pumpkin fries

The best part of my weekends is going to the Saturday market. Fresh air, outside vibes, people watching, family, and a delicious falafel wrap. I don’t always indulge but sometimes I buy a stack of their homemade spinach wraps to munch during the week, and with a hankering for protein I made some super quick and easy burgers to stuff inside them. Healthy and a real treat!redlentilburgersplash

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Staggered shepherd’s pie

It’s Monday! I have no idea how that happened, other than blinking away the weekend. We’re mired in a heat wave at the moment and yet somehow I ended up in front of an oven the whole of yesterday, baking away on what felt like a billion projects. This one was meant to just be a hearty meal, but it managed to get the Man-thing stamp of approval, so you know it has to be shiny! Whether you’re up north enjoying the spoils of snow, or down south and happy to eat cold leftovers, this is a dish that can be made with ridiculously little effort, which is always in season.shepardspienomsplash Continue reading


Vegan Mediterranean dumpling stew

The weather in South Africa is ridiculous at the moment. Boiling hot one moment, bursting with swooshy winds and rain the next. With such inconsistency it is better to err on the side of caution and stock up on hold and cold foods to ensure happiness all round. On the toasty front I decided to finally make some dumplings, since I recall Man-thing asking about them a while back, and it’s always a good excuse to make a stew. 😀 Are you cold, miserable, hungry? Well, if you have an hour to spare, including half an hour of lounging about, bust out your pantry ingredients and go wild!dumplingtops1 Continue reading


Sticky date pudding (GF + V)

The other day I asked for suggestions for stuff to make, because my brain is kind of on auto-pilot at the moment. Enter sticky date pudding! Not quite traditional in looks, but it hits the spot and does so with natural ingredients and NO added processed sugar. I can’t say whether I enjoy the muffin-sized cakes or the sauce more, so let’s just say that together they work magic. stickydatepuddingSPLASH

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Cherry pumpkin galette

This is a semi-savoury, semi-sweet kinda deal here, which makes it legit for all hours of the day. I’m going to say something pretty shocking, considering the high praises it usually gets on Marfigs, but I’m rather sick of smoothie bowls and my usual fare at the moment, and sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit. This galette is so easy and tasty that there’s no excuse not to give it a go and then stick it in your lunch box, breakfast or dinner plate.


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Falafel bowl

I finally get to share this with you, since it’s been a hectic, long and slow week. These awesomesauce baked goodies are the perfect filler for sandwiches, salads, pastas and wraps, and next time I’m doubling the recipe. Let’s head over to the recipe!falafelsplash Continue reading