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Chocolate fudge swirl muffins


Oh my goodness. This stuff is soft, squishy, fudgy deliciousness! I was actually just messing around to test the oven and wanted to see if I could make mini individual and more rustic versions of my in-laws’ family recipe for the chocolate pudding cake of doom-y deliciousness. I would say this is a solid win!fudgymuffinsplash

From afar it looks innocent, perhaps even a bit messy or boring. Some things are like that. PB + jam toast, coffee, oats and what not, you know. When you get up close, however, and you see the fudgy chocolate patches and smell the glorious spices and feel the texture of the muffin….well, then it becomes a whole different story.fudgymuffinbelljar Healthy chocolate fudgy bits, mind you, all swirled into delicious, slightly spiced muffin delight. fudgymuffinYou all probably know by now that because I sometimes go on baking sprees I don’t always immediately chow down on stuff I make in bulk because then I’d be twice my size, but once I started nibbling it turned to bigger and bigger bites until a whole muffin was gone. And then there was another! After that I turned my sights to the amazing pumpkin glazed doughnut holes (seriously, those things get better each day in the fridge) so I took a break from these, but yum.fudgymuffincloseup4These things make the perfect snack or pick-me-up and fills you up and caters to your sweet tooth at the same time, if you also have such issues. Lunchbox friendly and not at all full of rubbishy ingredients – in fact, there’s even some veggies! 😀fudgymuffincloseup1Ingredients (makes 6):


  • 1/2 cup carrot purée
  • 1/3 cup non-dairy milk
  • 1 cup light wholewheat flour (or half each of oat flour and brown rice flour for GF, in which case you need to add a vegan “egg”)
  • 1/2 cup GF oats
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 TBSP apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup sweetener of choice
  • 2 tsp each cinnamon, ginger + nutmeg
  • 2 droppers NuNaturals Liquid Stevia Vanilla or 2 tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate bottom:

  • 2 TBSP sweetener of choice
  • 2 TBSP cocoa powder
  • pinch salt
  • 1/2 cup boiling water


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C and spray a muffin pan.
  2. In a large bowl mix your dry bun ingredients and then mix in your wet until combined.
  3. Mix your chocolate bottom ingredients and pour equal portions into the bottom of 6 muffin wells (less than 1/8 cup).
  4. Divide and spoon your mixture into the chocolate wells (approx 1 – 2 heaped TBSP). Make sure your liquid doesn’t run over the edges, though it shouldn’t. If using a mini muffin pan change ratios of liquid in each well accordingly.
  5. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes max (a toothpick will not come out shiny clean), then let cool before removing carefully. Serve warm or keep in fridge for a day for it to get even fudgier. Gets tastier over time in the fridge IMO.

fudgymuffincloseup2When it comes out of the oven it may look burnt or black on the edges, but that’s just how the cocoa reacts to heat – when you taste it there is absolutely nothing but gooey chocolate to be had! Mine looked a bit weird because I put in too much liquid into each well (lessons learnt) and it spilled onto the top of the pan but luckily not the bottom of the new oven.
fudgymuffincloseup3Either way, just look at that! Yum yum yum! You can easily add nuts, nut butter, some dried blueberry bits…whatever you want. If you’re really intent on chocolate overload it will even be accepting of chocolate chips 😉fudgymuffinspreadSome of them came out swirly because of how the batter rose, but if you want purposeful swirls on top then just take a toothpick and swirl a bit so that the liquid chocolate bottom has a path to bake into. These things were just a joy to eat, no matter how they looked, though I was of course chuffed. fudgymuffincloseup6When you slice into it, especially warm (if you’re impatient like me) it just sinks in and is just so delectably squishy. Ye gods, just glorious! I had no inclination to put anything on it like jam or other funny business – it is perfect as is for munching straight out the tupperware (or muffin pan). slicedfudgymuffinSee?? *glee*
slicedfudgymuffin2I just adore how the sides, bottoms and top are chocolate infused with fudgy bits and then you have this super clean interior where the spices are much more discernible. What a treat!slicedfudgymuffin3 slicedfudgymuffin4Anyhow, now I’m in my usual weekend dilemna – what to bake or make? I usually have projects lined up but I’ve got a bit of laziness in my bones at the moment and I can’t really move since Chino, our blind foster cat, has made my lap his personal place of honour.  I guess it’s a salad and smoothie kind of day then, with as little time away from this amazing munchie as possible ;D


Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

7 thoughts on “Chocolate fudge swirl muffins

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  2. This recipe looks so delicious! I especially loved the wonderful photo of Chino at the end 😉


    • Thank you so much! Chino is such a lamb and is going for his Hernia op tomorrow, but he’s probably going to take the narcotics as an excuse to snooze on my computer chair again 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Swirly goodness! Fudge is all I need to read to know these rock!


  4. It has a bit change for this chocolate fudge cake. Use the carrot puree instead of the zucchini. It must be so yummy and moist! 🙂


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