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WIAW and moving around


Today’s WIAW is actually about what I ate on Tuesday, because if you saw the fest I had yesterday your eyes would boggle, but also I like showing off my Tuesday munchies since it’s a weird half-work sort of vibe and then one gets a little bit of everything. I was helping out with Advanced Word Editing on Monday and Tuesday so it was action stations followed by some hardcore essay writing for my library science diploma, AKA a good excuse for “brain food”.wiawmarfigslogo

Breakfast/05h30: Banana, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce, protein powder, water and psyllium husk smoothie plus prune purée minus the usual all-bran. I knew I’d get hungry later on with training so I decided to split up my breakfast into two parts. My brain was not impressed by this change in habit.meringueicecreamsideSecond breakfast/ 07h45: 1/2 cup oatmeal, cooked with water + cinnamon. Blergh. Also, it may be my funny guts but all these stories about oatmeal filling you up is all lies, and it makes me super sleepy.

oatsbfastTea-time snack/10h30: an apple plus some coffee. I was SO nauseous and dizzy and just terrified at my body by this stage, so I’m really glad I got the main trainer to do the presenting for these sessions even though I was supposed to. When I get like that I can barely see and the world starts fuzzing in and out, and yet at the same time as being nauseous I’m rather ravenous. Stupid body!

applesnackLunch @ home/13h00: Admittedly I went a bit overboard, which is why I took a monstrous nap afterwards. Steamed spinach, zucchini and green beans topped with some salsa and 1/4 cup leftover soy mince with a salad, followed by an ancient grain toast slice with mulberry no-sugar added jam and some steamed frozen veggies for no good reason other than pure indulgence. Oh, and there was 2 TBSP protein powder mixed with water, coffee, and a cookie (or two) of this super delicious stuff that my MIL bought from a really awesome lady at the Hazelwood food market – her cookies are usually coconut laden but she specially made vegan ginger coconut-free cookies for me and they are NOM NOM NOM. Too much so, because I have no stop button. Ah well!lunchtimetraininglunch3 lunch2cookietimeAfter all this and the nap I actually went for a pretty productive power walk with a pal for about an hour up and down all the streets and it was wonderful to get moving again after so long. We went again yesterday with Man-thing in the lead (he has ridiculously long legs), and we plan to go again today. Rah!

Afternoon snack/17h45: 2 TBSP protein powder plus hot water + cinnamon to tide me over for dinner.proteinmixDinner/18h15: raw zucchini pasta with cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsley and some green beans I think. YUM.

pastadinneryumDessert: Some jelly. Ok, a LOT of jelly. This was one helping…and then I helped myself to a lot more.jellynomsEvening snacks: Hot carob with boiling water (x 2!), 1 cup papaya, 1 brown rice cracker with 1 vegan sausage. I was up playing Oblivion and watching youtube documentaries until midnight and beyond, so the munchies just carried on and on…pwpwsnack sausagesnack hotcarobOne of the pitfalls of non-stop munchies and staying up late thanks to insomnia and other things is that I wake up in the morning in a terrible state – super nauseous yet hungry, miserable yet resigned. I need to cut out the late night snacking just to give my body a break but lawd it’s difficult! With my silly guts it takes infinitely longer to process foods, but that doesn’t mean my brain isn’t constantly in “hunger” mode, which means my body is always busy digesting and at some point gives up and decides that it’s going to punish me for my misdeeds. So it goes!

I hope I can get my act together in time for the next training session in two weeks time, since I have my biopsy next week which should give more answers, but I’m not sure if that will mean some immediate course of treatment, which I’d love! Anyway, the title of today’s post not only speaks to physical movement but to mental gymnastics as well, in a way. Between this body nonsense and other things, it’s becoming a challenge to stay upbeat all the time and my mind is constantly slogging between contentment and a sense of ennui that’s as difficult to shake off as fleas from a cat. Again, I’m just hoping that if I can sort my body out at some point and discipline my mind in the meantime not to make myself feel worse by eating random things at random hours, I can in small ways help my brain stay sane and positive about future developments. /TMI? That’s what WIAW is all about these days!

Anyway, happy days, it’s almost Friday! 😀

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

7 thoughts on “WIAW and moving around

  1. Too strange– I just might have suuuuper similar symptoms! My brain constantly tells me I’m ravenous but I feel like my stomach never actually empties. I can eat a huge meal and feel nauseous for 5 minutes, then feel so hungry again that I’m dizzy. Is that the same that’s going on with you?


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one – that’s exactly how it goes, non-stop! It’s so ridiculous to sit down and eat a monster meal (and I’m not even just talking a 2 liter-sized tupperware of veggies here) and then be stark raving mad with hunger a short while later. The feeling of never actually being empty is sometimes symptomatic of IBS, as far as I’ve read. What would be ideal is to undergo a series of tests where something objective could interpret signals, such as when hunger is actual hunger or just a mind spasm of sort, for example. I think sometimes it’s difficult to really know what your body is telling you if it’s messed up to begin with, and hunger or fullness can easily be misconstrued and thus cause never-ending problems. Gargh!


      • I wish there was a simple solution for it… I’ve been going through it for over a year. I’ve been going to an NAET practitioner and he’s been rebalancing how my body processes nutrients but the treatments are a long process so it is getting better, but slowly. I’ve wondered maybe about parasites? I’ve had my thyroid tested, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to check for deficiency, I had my blood sugars tested one day when I felt so hungry I was dizzy & they were totally normal… Soooo parasites seem like the only obvious solution left. It’s just so expensive to go get that tested! I hope one of us finds an answer so we can help each other out!


  2. I totally agree with you about Oatmeal filling you up and keeping hunger away! Who ever said that lol? I’m still hungry after I finish my bowl!


    • Yay! I always see it on health blogger websites or other WIAWs where there’s a bowl of oatmeal that keeps people stuffed until 12h00, which just boggles the mind. It’s supposedly low GI and thus takes longer to digest and helps you keep full, but hogwash! 😉

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  3. I’m a night owl too – totally know what you mean! Everything looks delicious though! Especially the two breakfasts… I could eat breakfast all day!


    • My husband is so well behaved – he stops eating here around 20h00 and then I just get started 😉 Thank you! Breakfast is certainly the reason I wake up every day – smoothie bowls have completely revolutionized my will to live at 05h00 😀


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