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WIAW: chowder and chats


Back at work today and a signal to end the procrastination that has consumed my soul! As for consuming of foodstuffs, let’s have a look at WIAW!WIAWbuttonlunchofgoodydoom

Breakfast: spinach and mango water smoothie bowl with all bran flakes. I love using spinach with my smoothies because everything turns a magical green! However Man-thing proudly showed me yesterday that the only thing to actually grow in our really pathetic veggie garden is butter lettuce, so that will most likely be my green of choice in the upcoming months!greenbreakfastMid-morning snack: 2 TBSP protein powder + 1/4 cup soy milk + boiling water with cinnamon: yum. Also, check out my adorable mug! I had to make a dash to the shops to buy ingredients to test recipes from The Veggie Queen’s ebook Nutrition Champs (review & worldwide giveaway coming soon!) as well as stock up on more soy protein powder, so my usual indulgent tea-time snack was minimal (but not altogether lost!).proteindrinkittiesLunch: Raw zucchini pasta + homemade tomato chunk sauce + 1 TBSP hummuslunchofgoodydoomSnackage: 3 choc crunch cookies + lots and lots of coffee. Pal Yvonne came over for a chat and we ended up gabbing for hours, so I luckily had some new cookies on hand to test – they’re one of the few vegan cookies available that isn’t 100% sugar, and were fairly tasty. It’s amazing that when I have company food is usually an afterthought, so I can go for over six hours without eating, but when I’m by myself at home I usually end up eating a little nibble every half hour!choccrunchcookiesDinner: 1 ramekin’s worth of the Lemony Lentil and Potato Chowder + Cinnamon Roasted Radishes and from Jill Nussinow’s ebook Nutrition Champs + salad. I’ll post proper photos of the chowder with the review but this is a total thumbs up! I’m not really used to overdosing on potatoes (I used sweet potatoes) but I could live like this every day (as long as I remembered to exercise!).chowderydinnerAfter dinner dessert: decaf coffee + Turkish DelightturkishdessertRandom snackage: 1/2 cucumber + flat green beans, 2 steamed carrots, 1/2 cup soy milk + 1 TBSP flax powder, 1/2 cup mango + 2 tsp chocolate almond butter (the munchies hit hard again in the evening!). Because of all the coffee I slurp down during the day I end up staying up late/”insomnia” and therefore getting munchies til the late hour. I figure loads of fruits and veggies doesn’t do too much harm :p

soycarrotcombo greensnacks WP_001646Oh, and I just had to share: you know that precious tent I bought the foster kittens so they could have a hidey-hole to faff about in? They decided it made a good launch pad for sneak attacks on each other and somehow managed to dismantle the entire thing, the little buggers! ❤WP_001615Not at all repentant!

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

2 thoughts on “WIAW: chowder and chats

  1. Hello, extra vegetables! I’m amazed by how much raw (!) produce you manage to fit into your days. Unless they’re oft the ‘softer’ kind like mushrooms [I eat a LOT of these] I can usually only handle so many uncooked ones. I’m just hoping that I still get all the vitamins and other benefits 😉 .
    Your mug IS adorable and the zucchini pasta bowl looks great. Why, oh why does zucchini have to cost an arm and a leg lately? I haven’t been buying any in weeks!


    • 😀 I crave veggies like crazy, mostly because I try (and often fail) to minimize reliance on bread and other stuff to keep me full, which means heaps of food! Raw food seems to keep me quite full because of all the crunch and time it takes to eat, whereas with the softer stuff I can just slurp it down, pretty much 😉

      Zucchini is amazingly evil – last week I paid 14 euros for a big box and this week I only paid 3, so it changes drastically according to season, but I eat it every single day so it’s my one necessity/indulgence.


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