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NuNaturals competition winners + Life in Pictures Link Up # 2 of 2015


It’s my birthday today, so as a gift to you this post is packed with two fun things: I’m announcing the 4 winners of the NuNaturals Giveaway, as well as co-hosting another Life in Pictures Link Up! I much prefer gifting to receiving, so I’m super excited to be able to have hosted this amazing giveaway with products I use every single day. I’m going to keep the rambling to a minimum, so click below for shiny galore. 😀


To start off I’ll put you all out of your misery and announce the 4 winners of the NuNaturals giveaway who will receive the following:

  1. One bottle of Cherry Vanilla NuStevia
  2. One 50 pkt box of NuStevia White Stevia Powder
  3. One bottle of their NuStevia Cocoa Syrup
  4. One bottle of their NuStevia Simple Syrup.
  5. One free bonus product!

And the randomly chosen winners are:

Jordan Dunne

Shonalika Tilak

Katherine Earnshaw

Catie Bertges

Congratulations! 😀 😀 There is absolutely nothing better than getting a NuNaturals package in the mail, so expect an email from me shortly to get your details. Please keep in mind that you have 48 hours from the time I send the email to respond, after which you forfeit the prizes and I choose someone else.

Now that we’ve gotten the goodies out of the way, let me get back on track with another Life in Pictures Link Up, which I’m co-hosting with Linda. The idea is to post pictures from the week with minimal text to give a sneak peak into our lives.beige-camera-hi1Please feel free to join in by clicking the froggy widget near the end of the post. If you don’t have a blog just link or post your favourite picture from the week via your twitter, instagram, pinterest or any other platform. I’m always curious!

I’ve decided to break the rules a little and post pics from the past two weeks because I’m back at work with long shifts (including the weekends!) so time for adventures is minimal! Also, I fell in love with the photo manipulator on my phone again. I’m so sorry for the borders and funny colours :p

Last week before work started pal Tarryn (who I volunteer with at the cat shelter) and I went to the Botanical Gardens. The idea was to hike everywhere but we ended up putting down blankets and pillows and napping in the sun. These critters were constantly swarming us – so cute! ❤Lomogram_2015-01-09_10-58-06-AM Lomogram_2015-01-09_10-15-09-AMSometimes I like to pretend that our house is a plant rescue sanctuary, and that every time I’m suckered into buying potted flowers from a store I’m rescuing them from an evil fate (until we forget to water them…). This time round Marigolds charmed me senseless, so naturally I enlisted some Man-labour to plant them.Lomogram_2015-01-09_10-10-52-AM Lomogram_2015-01-09_09-57-28-AMSpeaking of plant life, this is what’s growing at my in-laws: mushrooms atop mushrooms. Is it wrong that it looks so edible, like jam atop a baked cheesecake? I’m clearly not a safety conscious forager.Lomogram_2015-01-09_10-04-00-AMI finally figured out how to use my pedometer, and we also got our butts back in gear and starting power walking again with wrist weights. These things are no joke! I’m aiming for 10,000 steps a day minimum, but with 10 hour shifts here and there it becomes somewhat problematic. :sLomogram_2015-01-09_10-00-06-AMSolution @ work: twice daily walks through the botanical gardens on campus. Always pretty, sometimes rainy!Lomogram_2015-01-09_01-56-48-PM Lomogram_2015-01-09_01-51-08-PM Lomogram_2015-01-09_01-47-30-PM Lomogram_2015-01-09_01-05-35-PMI’ve also started doing HIITilates and yoga at home – I can still grab the underside of my feet after a long yoga hiatus, but can’t quite touch my forehead to my knees anymore. One day at a time!Lomogram_2015-01-10_07-27-16-PMWe were gifted with a huge pumpkin and broccoli head from my dad’s garden, AND got a bouquet of spinach from our retired neighbour’s garden. SCORE! A bouquet of veggies over flowers any day.

Lomogram_2015-01-09_10-06-32-AM Lomogram_2015-01-09_09-51-47-AMObligatory cat photos! ❤ Lomogram_2015-01-10_06-55-04-PM Lomogram_2015-01-10_06-49-46-PMLomogram_2015-01-11_11-32-03-AMWe also got asked to come scour a house for any books we wanted and managed to fill up two boxes with some amazing goodies – Thomas Carylyle’s French Revolution, Plutarch’s Lives, some DH Lawrence, some super old cookbooks, Russian fiction and more! 😀Lomogram_2015-01-11_04-44-26-PMThis week my little sister started primary school! 😀 I sometimes feel so ancient when I’m around my siblings, but they are such an amazing blessing after having been a single kid for nearly 22 years. Since Man-thing and I don’t plan to have any kids (just kittens!), being part of their lives is awesome because we still get to experience some of the turning points. I swooshed over to hear how her first day went and to take some official “first day” photos, which quickly spiralled into a trampoline photoshoot – I love how spontaneous they are! ❤astridjump.jpg louiswagon1And last but not least my birthday breakfast smoothie! 😀 My aunt took me out for a brunch vibe so I got told not to stuff myself, but of course how could I listen when I had this in mind? Delicious!bdaysmoothie4So there you have it! If you plan on being more than a voyeur and joining in the fun, follow the widget below to enter your blog link. Otherwise, post a link to your favourite twitter/instagram/tumblr or pinterest pic which captured the spirit of your past week!

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

4 thoughts on “NuNaturals competition winners + Life in Pictures Link Up # 2 of 2015

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I have to have the smoothie recipe, yummy!!!


    • Thank you! I only got your message now (not spam, silly WP!).

      1/2 head medium lettuce
      1/2 medium cucumber, sliced and frozen
      1 cup pumpkin, steamed and frozen
      1 banana, sliced and frozen
      1 cup chilled water or non-dairy milk
      3 droppers Vanilla NuStevia
      1/3 cup chickpeas beans
      1/3 cup soaked oats
      1 TBSP flax powder
      2 TBSP protein powder
      2 tsp carob powder
      1 tsp sprinkles

      Blend and enjoy! (it was seriously awesomesauce)


  2. Happy Happy Birthday Margaux! Have a wonderful fun day.

    Arlene ❤


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