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WIAW: holiday edition!


Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re all perfectly chilled out and enjoying the peace and quiet that we can create for ourselves this time of year. Let’s have a squizz at what I ate yesterday 😀header.jpg

Breakfast: peach, zucchini and pumpkin smoothie with 1/2 cup all-bran, 1 TBSP flax powder + coffee. YUM.

smoothiebowl10h00: My dad, V, my siblings and V’s parents from Denmark came over at 10h00 for a mish mash of stewed fruit bean + lemon curd cake with chocolate and cashew top and sided with soy custard, coastal crackers, olive hummus, and smoky lentil hummus with peppadews, along with some sweet potato falafel and plum ketchup. Oh yes! I figured there was something for everyone, even if my food is considered too strange and obscene for some 😉 I had a little bit of everything!decorativefest.jpgtable1.jpgstewedcakeSince we don’t have a holiday tree I asked my little sister to draw me one and then we put it up over the fireplace which Man-thing uses as a shoe cupboard. 

astridtree.jpgLate lunch/15h00: soup + 1 wholewheat wrap with steamed zucchini and some hummus

souplunch.jpgAnd then naturally I indulged in my awesome present from my parents: a Nespresso machine!!! ❤ ❤ Man-thing laughed when he saw I was taking photos of the machine, but it is honestly that good and amazing.

coffeemachine.jpgDinner/19h00: I had something completely different planned and I brought all my own food along, but my awesome SIL made me my own vegan pap tart, so of course I ate that and the baked veggies instead :D. Dessert: 1/2 cup soy custard and 1 cup raspberries (not pictured).dinnertable.jpgPost-dinner/22h00: soy milk + 1 TBSP flax (not pictured – so tired!) + banana. When I got home I was so busy trying to entertain poor Freyja and she doesn’t allow me to type or take photos of things that aren’t her, so my camera was out of commission for my evening munchies. Even though I ate so much at dinner my body clock insists on soy milk at the very least before bed…and of course whilst one’s in the kitchen food happens :p

We gifted the family with homemade limoncello, lemon curd and lemon banana biscotti. Homemade is our way of things, it seems, but it’s always so much fun to have random projects. Limoncello is certainly a first for us, who don’t actually drink! :p

presents.jpgAnd because I’m spoilt I got so many amazing goodies, including a falafel box, hazelnuts (YES YES! <3), ALMOND BUTTER! (<3), a lovely scarf, a vinegar bottle, some toiletries, and, of course, a present even better than almond butter: SPOCK!

prezzies.jpgTrekkie? Just a little bit. :p Anyway, what an amazing day filled with good company and cheer. I love both my families so much so it’s always great to come together and enjoy the memories unfolding 🙂

Today Man-thing and I are on our own mission, having begged leave from any other social get-togethers. We’re going on a movie date to enjoy some time together after spending the past few weeks neck-deep in lemon-soaked vodka experiments, baking, cat sitting, cooing over darling kittens, and all the rest. One really needs to take a break now and again!

Happy holidays!

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

8 thoughts on “WIAW: holiday edition!

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  3. Awwr, your little sister and her tree are too adorable! We didn’t have a, well, traditional tree, either.
    I’m not a Trekkie but my pen pal of four+ years is – she dressed up as Mr. Spock for Halloween once – so she’d be all over that gift. Knowing me you’ll already have assumed I’d have been all about the almond butter. As you mentioned you’re having a hard time finding it/it’s ridiculously expensive that must have been a great foodie gift.
    So awesome you gave away homemade gifts. How did you prepare the lemon curd? I’ve only ever seen non-vegan recipes I think.


    • She can decorate our holidays any day – our house is pretty boring for little squirts so it’s always good to have activities 😉

      So jealous your pal had the outfit! That’s still on our “when we get adult jobs” list of things to buy 😀

      The almond butter is tormenting me from the cupboard but I’m going to try and savour it. A 1kg bag of almonds costs the same as a 150g jar of almond butter, but either way it’s something I’m not comfortable putting on my shopping list – ergo the best foodie gift! Man-thing is a peach and has informed all my family members that it’s my gift of choice, so they never lack ideas for what to get me if they insist on gifting. ;D

      The lemon curd is a super easy recipe from Jessica – – I add more or less cornstarch depending on what I’m going for, and works well with sugar replacer. We don’t have shortening in SA so I use less than the required amount replaced with coconut oil if I’m gifting, and leave out the oil if I’m making it for myself. A no-fail recipe!


  4. So many great things! Sounds like a lovely celebration. And. . . SPOCK!!!!! You are SO lucky!!! (Total Trekkie here, too). 😀 Happy Holidays!


    • Yay! Trekkies are few and far in-between 😀 I almost burst into tears when I saw it – so much glee! I’m going to build a ledge over the fireplace so it can have a place of honour – I figure it can be a starting point to indoctrinate my siblings :p Also, your falafel are amazing! I made and froze them last week to have as little stress as possible and they were definitely munched on by all.


  5. I love limoncello! Wish I could share a glass 🙂


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