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29 days of rice – Rice crepes with bean creamed corn hummus – day 18


I’m pretty excited about this, because I suck at pancakes or anything flat in a pan, and I actually managed crepes! 😀 Healthy, delicious, and stuffed with a delicious bean creamed corn hummus filling for extra cheer 😀crepeprofile


For the crepes I followed Usha’s recipe, just replacing the lentils with what I had on hand, which was brown and red lentils, as well as some split green peas. If you’re GF just make sure the oats are GF!

Make the crepes beforehand then cover them while you make the filling, or else multitask if you’re keen and have enough pots and pans!

Creamed corn hummus:

  • 1 cup white beans/chickpeas
  • 1/2 cup canned corn
  • 1/8 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 heaped TBSP apricot jam (homemade is always preferable! If you like soak dried apricots then blend them down)
  • 1 large green bell pepper, diced finely
  • 1 radish, diced
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • Ginger, cinnamon
  • 1 TBSP nutritional yeast
  • Spices of choice (I used lots of white pepper + paprika)


  1. Make your crepes ahead of time and keep them under a cover to stay warm.
  2. Blend your beans, cider vinegar, onion powder, nutritional yeast and spices until smooth.
  3. Fold in the jam, pepper and corn.
  4. Stuff your crepes and enjoy!


How awesome are these crepes – they look like they’ve been crocheted! It’s my first time making crepes so I didn’t make them paper thin, and hence I got 16 whereas you could possibly get 20 with more skill. I was so chuffed either way that it didn’t fuss me much.

crepecrochettop creperollI took these with me last night when we went to the in-laws for dinner, and they were delish! Of course, my dear FIL also made me some vegan nuggets and there were some roasted veggies, so I only ended up polishing one crepe, but wow! 😀 With a change in spices they could easily house some delicious banana caramel delights or roasted pepper and chocolate…mmm.

crepefold crepefoldcloseupLook at that fold! I know I shouldn’t get so excited, but oftentimes the “pancakes” I make can only lie flat – the fact that these came out pliable but sturdy are just glee-inducing.

Anyway, off to the cat shelter I go! We’re pretty exhausted after spending a solid amount of time packing out books and other odds and ends, so I might have to snag some pick-me-ups on the way there, just to stay awake. On the other hand those kittens are so cute that once you’re in their presence all the aches and pains fade and there’s only a solid whollop of joy.

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

4 thoughts on “29 days of rice – Rice crepes with bean creamed corn hummus – day 18

  1. I love savoury crepes and these look super delicious. Thanks for the great recipe!


  2. Yum! These look so good.


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