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Ingredient spotlight: 29 days of rice + WIAW – day 1

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Man-thing had a charming idea a while back – to celebrate our new house (we got the keys yesterday!!) I could make the number of dishes corresponding to our house number with one ingredient that would feature in all of them. I guess I should be thankful that we don’t live at a triple digit! Still, if he’s going to go around giving ideas he’ll have to eat his words and rice for the next month, not to mention be my official rice-maker, which is the least he can do for this evil idea! :p


Ergo, welcome to 29 days of rice! Most of the recipes will come to you halfway between moving and unpacking all our trinkets, but luckily I’m super organized and have the recipes all lined up – I just need to make them and take snaps! (so…easy?)To make life easier for myself, I will include all rice products, such as brown rice flour and rice paper, for example. Mostly, however, we’re going to stick to the old fashioned, whole food version, because it’s what I prefer and because moving house is expensive, and rice is thankfully a happy option for the poor vegan pantry! I’m also going to have a #ThrowBackThursday vibe in-between to give myself at least a few days of peace and quiet, as well as Meatless Monday links to rice treats. 😉 I figure it’s always good to revisit past noms on this blog and elsewhere!

To kick everything off, I’m going to link to some info about brown rice to convince you of its awesomeness and why this shouldn’t spark any carb fears in your souls.

Nutritional information regarding brown rice

10 reasons why brown rice is the healthy choice

Brown rice cooking tips and usage

Now that we have some knowledge of its awesomeness, let’s check out day 1: WIAW included!

Breakfast/05h30: Coffee in bed +pumpkin peppermint pear smoothie bowl with 1/3 buckwheat groats. I don’t know what I’d do without my NuNaturals NuStevia drops – they add such delicious sweetness and flavour to my smoothies, so that I only have to use a tiny amount of fruit (1 little pear) to get a zing in my smoothie. Alas, my smoothie bowl broke yesterday, hence the two sad bowls.WP_000124Tea-time/10h00: 2 brown rice crackers + 2/3 TBSP tahini, 4 cherry tomatoesWP_000127Lunch/12h45: Gem squash rice bowls + salsa and steamed green beans + 1 orange

WP_000128 WP_000141

Lately I’ve decided to be less fearful of pumpkin, squashes, and happy carbs in general, simply because they are incidentally also easier on the digestive system. Cruciferous vegetables are delicious beyond measure but unfortunately are not always so complimentary to wearing something other than stretchy pants, so this month is also an attempt to incorporate more foods that are less harmful to my system. Brown rice is apparently excellent in this regard, so all the merrier!

1 medium gem squash, cut in half, poked with holes and steamed for 6 minutes until soft. Stuff your squash halves with cooked brown rice that’s been mixed with some salsa and steamed chopped green beans. How delicious and easy was that? Yum! I made a version of this earlier the week but instead of plain rice had blended it with beans and filled the gem squashes with that, which was simply delicious!WP_000118Anyway, after this power lunch I went to the new house to get quotes on security stuff and managed to squee all over again at our shiny new place!


My very own bougainvillea!! 😀 I’ve wanted one since forever and we have one right here at our new place! If it grows it means that more can follow and I can finally have loads of multi-coloured gorgeous thorny stuff everywhere!


Our most beautiful blue kitchen! 😀 It’s obviously what sold the house on me – sure, there are fancier kitchens out there, but none are BLUE!


We are going to have so much fun making a veggie garden somewhere here!

16h00 snack: Some steamed pumpkin + zucchini, some steamed carrots + hot carob.WP_000143 WP_000142Dinner: a few slices of this cheese-free vegetarian pizza. My SIL Rikke is getting married on Friday so I suggested we get together before then to regroup and get a feel for where everyone’s at mentally. I usually eat sushi or something plain when we go out to eat at this particular restaurant, but I was pretty ill yesterday and went home from work and everything, so I didn’t think that soy sauce would work wonders on my system. When I feel like being ill everywhere and as if someone has punched out my stomach only carbs seem to do the trick to keep me going! This was pretty delicious so I’m chuffed I managed as much as I did! The rest goes for Man-thing’s lunch which I’m sure he enjoys 🙂

WP_000145Post-dinner snack: carob hot drink (not pictured)

And there you have it! I’m pretty excited for these 29 days of rice! Big projects make me nervous as heck but I figure it’s a way to keep me sane (or not) during our moving phase and beyond. We’re getting the moving truck on 11 October, so we have loads to do before then, but I’ve moved at least 10 times so I’m pretty confident we’ll get it all done. Of course, there’s boring and super expensive stuff in between like adding security bars to the windows and stuff, but sometimes one can’t just have pure excitement but also lame admin :p

Oh, and to round everything off nicely, here’s a delicious rice-based dish I spotted today by The Everyday Veggie – Mushroom, Green Pea and Almond Curry: yum yum! Inspiration is everywhere!


What are your favourite rice-based dishes?

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