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WIAW + peppadew veg bok choy hand wraps with lemon-tahini dressing

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I’m not going to sugar coat today – it was all about the comfort food in mass quantities. Usually I eat healthy and balanced, but some days I get smashed sideways with the sads and end up munching my mood. It’s a bad but old habit. I don’t have them as much anymore, but when I do there are the most powerful munchies to contend with. So, with the continued theme of “no-one’s perfect”, here’s my WIAW for today! Take note that I’m not bashing myself over the head for today – I know a lot of bloggers and stalkers are going through ED’s or are recovering. If this sort of rough talk triggers you, please counsel yourself appropriately! 🙂


Breakfast: Banana-zucchini smoothie, coffee + oats with raisins. I’ve only started again recently with the smoothies with bfast and it is glorious. I keep my fruit intake minimal in the morning (e.g. a small banana), which is why my smoothies are not so filling as to tide me over until lunch like some lucky bloggers! The zucchini does luckily add substance and deliciousness, but my Stevia packets are a lifesaver!

greensmoothieoatsmorningTea-time: Coffee, thin slice of rye bread with mustard and avo (not pictured), along with some steamed veggies. Hubba hubba! I didn’t have time yet this week to make my usual tea-time quiche, but steamed veggies are a happy alternative. 🙂

teatimesnackPre-lunch: Lemon curd zucchini buckwheat cake.  I met up with the lasses at work today for a quick hello and to share cake. Pal Magderie heard yesterday that she got accepted to teach English in China, so I quickly pranced home, made some lemon curd, and then assembled this dirt easy cake to help celebrate. It’s not very sweet at all, but that’s perfect for me, because the point wasn’t to have a sugar-saturated cake, but rather to have a vehicle for more lemon curd! Yum yum. I’m going to change the recipe somewhat for next time and make more of a proper crumble than simply diced almonds, but this was a fair first attempt. I’m so sad that my food processor sucks so much that it can’t break down diced almonds into a flour, so getting some sort of grinder is on the top of my list for when I’m less busted for cash. Maybe I can have a swear-jar and collect funds rather quickly that way, since I have such a foul mouth :p

lemoncurdcakeprofilelemoncurdcakeprofilecutnomsLunch at home: Bok choy peppadew veg hand wraps. There is precious little in this world that is as amazingly fresh and crisp as lettuce or cabbage wraps. I just adore stuffing all my goodies into such a clean and happy parcel, which can either be steamed or not. I paired this with a simple tahini-lemon dressing for noms, made all the more delicious with orange NuStevia drops, which makes everything better and more amazing. It’s really the peppadew that makes for a secret treat, however! I bought two jars in preparation for this weekend’s anniversary fest, but couldn’t control myself any longer and had to crack open a jar. Bland food just doesn’t cut it when I can have vinegar or something spicy and ka-pow. Also, roasted tomatoes, because I’m naughty. 😀

choywrapsdown1 handheldchoySliced red orange with sun-dried tomatoes:

redorangeHot carob drink:

hotcarobnomsMore snackage: I went a bit beserk (it might have been the impending sad face or boredom) so luckily I had these delish noms on hand: roasted carrots and sweet potato slices splashed with lemon juice: this stuff is pure candy to me. I LOVE carrots in all its forms, but there’s nothing so ridiculously delicious as roasted carrots. I could probably eat a whole kilogram’s worth, along with some roasted pumpkin, cabbage, broccoli…anything roasted. Yum!

carrotpotatoesyumDinner: spinach, soy mince, and a slice of toast. Lettuce + zucchini salad, and a sneaky juice-based ice lolly.

dinnerplatenaughtysaladPost-dinner snacks for at the computer: half a head of lettuce, one carrot, tea. I didn’t actually finish the half head of lettuce, don’t worry :p I usually scrunch it up and use it for the next morning’s smoothie.

prebedsnacksAnyway, there you have it! We didn’t end up going to see Carmina Burana, which I was really excited for, but sometimes one’s mind and mood just rebels and demands cave-time alone with nothing but the crunch of lettuce in the light of the computer screen. I suspect that I subconsciously start panicking about the amount of people, and then my mind sort of shuts down. I started tutoring and then lecturing a few years back to get to grips with my phobia (and earn money, hurr hurr), and although I’m phenomenally better now, there are just times where it’s panic stations with a mutiny of the mind, especially when I’m purposefully doing it to myself to be in optional situations. So, I lose out on some amazing live music, but I don’t have to smile or walk where others can see me. I’m going to dust myself off tomorrow and try and re-gain my energy and re-focus my mind. It’s also body conditioning tomorrow at the gym, which I always enjoy immensely, so looking forward to that 😀

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Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

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