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WIAW + Fried cabbage and apple salad with peanut pow sauce



Today is my day off again (hurrah!) and to celebrate I had all sorts of things lined up, including another WIAW. Man-thing is ill and in bed, and there isn’t much I can do to support him other than make sure he’s hydrated and fed, so that leaves a lot of moi-time. All the better for getting round to random and exciting outings!

Before all that, however, remember I’m hosting an awesome NuNaturals giveaway over here – take a moment to enter: it’s open worldwide and 4 lucky winners get some AMAZING goodies!

To kickstart the day I had to forgo breakfast because I went for a health assessment at my gym, where they require you to fast for two hours beforehand. I noticed at Monday’s aerobics class that I was completely dizzy and near-fainting the whole time, despite having eaten what I considered to be a lot. In retrospect I could have done more about the situation, including taking my emergency pills for low blood pressure, but so we learn! I decided the next day to make an appointment to get some advice or general information about how my body is doing, what it actually requires to not only survive but thrive (especially on gym days!). I’ve got my rest days all figured out, but I still struggle with what to chow and how to prepare for exercise that isn’t power walks. I’m not shy when it comes to calling in the experts!

So, breakfast: coffee

Conclusion: sadness for my tummy. As far as the assessment went, the lady said she was so happy to have someone “normal” to work with – tra la! My favourite word! She looked at my BMI, lean mass, hydration, the impact of my meds, and other stuff, and I was so ridiculously average that I got really excited BUT the suggested amount of calories for a gym day are INSANELY high, as in I don’t even think I could stomach 2,500kcal, so I’ll try and figure out a different plan, but I definitely need to prepare better for gym so that I have energy for the entire session and not just the first half hour.

Tea-time: I wasn’t sure if I was going to have time to get back home before missioning off to see a friend for coffee and a chat, so I packed a small banana and a PB sandwich on icky bread slice folded in half. I really loathe this bread but Man-thing says it’s easier to chew so there you have it! I also peeled an apple for the muffins I’m taking with to work tomorrow, so I chowed the peel and core as well, because yum, and because I am essentially a walking compost heap :p


Lunch: Fried cabbage + apple salad with peanut pow sauce. FINALLY, real food!! I wanted to make fried rolls but time constraints limited me somewhat, and this salad was absolutely amazing and worth the exchange. Oh, and I’ve submitted this for the Virtual Vegan Linky Potluck, hosted by the Bunny Kitchen, An Unrefined Vegan, and Canned Time. 😀


One of Man-thing’s favourite suggestions for what to add to a recipe when it’s lacking something is apples. Soup? Apples. Soy nugget mix? Apples. It honestly is rather perplexing because it’s only in recent times that he’s started cutting and munching the stuff without supervision and long rambles about nutrition and how chips are not a food group.

Still, I’m usually a bit nitpicky, because I like to keep my fruit separate and measured (the consequence of a shock regarding diabetes, and how an overdose of fruit is just as bad as no fruit at all). For this warm, crispy salad, however, there’s no way but to add this delicious and healthy ingredient, so I’m hoping that will mollify Man-thing somewhat – I do follow his suggestions, just at my own pace 😉 After making this salad I can heartily say that he knows his stuff – so delicious!

When I’m in restaurants or at home I leave out the salad dressing. At most I’ll splash on some apple cider vinegar, or some hoisin sauce if I’m eating a warm salad (pumpkin to the gills!), but I’ve never been a fan of mayo or creamy sauces, because by the time you’ve folded everything in there’s no taste or texture left to discern other than the sauce. I decided to try out a saucy salad for once, because honestly I haven’t done it since going vegan and there must be some reason why people munch this combo. Also, I needed some solid protein and nom after my very sad start to the day.

There are quite a number of tofu mayonnaise recipes out in the world, but I love cannelini beans and thought that would work just as well because I the taste is very pleasant. Who could say no to vinegar peanut cannelini sauce? Not I! And wow, SO delicious and spicy and tangy and WOW! ❤ ❤ SO in love with this “hummus” sauce.

Ingredients (serves 2):

Sauce (ok, so this makes 3 servings of 1/3 cup each):

  • 1.3 cups cannelini beans/1 can – rinsed and drained
  • 1.5 TBSP peanut butter
  • 2 tsp hot German mustard
  • 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar
  •  1TBSP red wine vinegar
  • 1 TBSP lemon juice
  • 1 dropper NuNaturals Orange Liquid NuStevia (seriously :D)


  • 250g/1/2 head medium cabbage, cut into lengths
  • 1 medium red apple, grated
  • 1 medium carrots, grated
  • 1 large zucchini, grated (approx 2 cups)
  • 2 small radishes, sliced thinly
  • 1/4 cup crushed pecan nuts (optional)


  1. In a non-stick pan, fry your cabbage for approximately 5 minutes on medium heat with occasional splashes of water or tea to loosen it if it sticks. Keep the lid on for this part.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and fry for another 4 minutes or so. If you like you can add some lemon juice to the mix at this stage, or even some small splashes of fresh orange or carrot juice, if you have some on hand.
  3. Meanwhile, blend all your sauce ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
  4. If you’re going to serve immediately then mix together your slaw and sauce for a final fry-up in the pan without the lid (say 2 minutes) before transferring to your plate.
  5. If you’re going to eat it later I would suggest keeping the sauce and slaw separate so that it doesn’t become soggy.


I’m so glad I went for this combo, and this made for a delightful lunch today – so quick and easy! I’m tempted to make more of the sauce and keep it around to spread on warm toast or dip into pitas…oh so hungry now! Anyway, this is clearly a winter salad because we’re neck-deep in icy cold at the moment (without the benefit of snow, boo!). One can easily summer-ize this by just steaming then chilling the salad portion, or even going totally raw if you’re cool with that. I love the crunch of raw cabbage, but not everyone is a fan. Go with what you know or enjoy!


The best part about stuffing salads in lettuce is you get to wrap it up eventually and make a bit mess! ;D

16h00 snack: Blargh, I was so full actually after the late lunch, so I skipped my usual smoothie in favour of some tea and gum, along with a carrot and some baked eggplant slices. Oh, and a little square of low GI cherry turkish delight 😀

carrotsnack eggplantsices

Dinner: Lentil and zucchini soup with 1/2 cup chickpeas and a radish cucumber salad. I figured by this time that I hadn’t actually eat enough/all that much so that’s why I added chickpeas to the already protein-packed soup. Delicious!


20h00 snack: 1 cup frozen papaya chunks, 1 cup soy milk + cocoa, 1 carrot, some more snap pea things and sundried tomatoes.

papayasnack bedtime

Gah, and after all that I still didn’t really reach the daily intake target the lady and other dieticians have recommended, but hells bells, if you’re sitting on your bum most of the day there isn’t really much reason to munch oneself to stuffation, eh?

I did manage to go see my two little kitties at the shelter that I had fostered and socialized a bit, Helix and Pooki, and they are doing very well, all things considered. They’re real bullies so they’ve essentially got the kitten cage to themselves and one other cat they’ve accepted, but fingers crossed they get adopted soon, otherwise they’ll be sent to the back because of space considerations, and then no-one will see them! They are so stunning and so loving that if we had the space I would have actually insisted we keep them all! We still have their two other siblings by us because they needed some more TLC, but oh my goodness how they tug at the heartstrings ❤


Ugh, I *hate* leaving Pooki and Helix at the shelter and spent my entire shift on Saturday bawling my eyes out in the bathroom, but hopefully the exposure will get them homed – they just weren’t getting any interest from the internet sources whilst they were with us. ❤ ❤


My little puff Pablo the girl (right) is now loads better – always on my lap instead of hiding under a blanket! The most beautiful puffy cheeks and soulful eyes, whilst her sister is just a delight of love and kitty kisses. SO in love with these cats!


I mean, c’mon! I love it when they groom each other – I just melt into a puddle.

Picture0034 Picture0067

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Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

8 thoughts on “WIAW + Fried cabbage and apple salad with peanut pow sauce

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  5. Bahah, you sound far too happy about man-thing being ill XD

    I remember seeing this salad on twitter and whacking it into my favourites because it looked crazy good, but I’ve only got a chance to look at it properly and read the post now – I have got to make this at some point. That sauce sounds delicious AND I am newly in love with cabbage in salads, they’re so crunchy and refreshing. I had one in a sushi restaurant in France and I’m determined to make another, although I’ve literally never used cabbage before and have no idea how to cut one. (You should have seen the disaster that occurred when I was first presented with a pomegranate. The kitchen ended up looking like a murder scene.)

    Gorgeous photo of the cats grooming each other also. ❤


    • 😀 Well the plus side of him being sick in bed means he’s not in my way in the kitchen :p

      Yay, I’m so glad – the salad is also on my to-do list for the weekend because I have some neglected cabbage lying around. !! Cabbage is amazing and so versatile – I’ve even seen recipes for using it in cake, but there’s also the idea of stuffing them in rice paper or baking them into lasagnas…mmmm!

      I don’t blame you for the pomegranate though – that stuff is a nightmare! There are online tutorials on how to cut them, but honestly it may just be better to splurge an extra bit of cash and have it done by more willing hands.

      Thank you – those two were always grooming each other – was so sweet! ❤


  6. Loving the colours in this gorgeous salad. Thanks for sharing at the LINKY Potluck.
    As for the cats…. Awwwwwww, too cute 🙂


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