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Carpe kitties! A day of munchies in photographs and raw custard curd cups :D

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So, last Sunday was a pretty big day! I started volunteering at the Be Wise Sterilize shelter for a few weeks now and having the best time ever cleaning litter trays, giving meds, and feeding rascaly cats and kittens. Cats really are my creature of choice when it comes to cuddles and bonding, and all these meows want is love and attention.


L-R: Plaster, …um, Pig on top and Puff at the forefront. Naptime!

When I was there last Saturday Tarryn (who’s been volunteering there for ages and brought me into the fold, as it were) showed me a litter of three silver tabbies, and one in particular (Puff) that need a bit of fostering to get it socialized, since it’s rather skittish of human contact. I would also be sulky if I spent my life thus far in a cage, so I figured some space to stretch legs and warm hearts can never be bad! Anyway, we were just supposed to get the one, but somehow the lady on duty managed to talk us into taking all three home. Three! Yikes :p

Three little kitties!

Three little kitties! – Puff, Plaster and Pig by the warmth of the heater.

(Spider)pig got adopted yesterday and I’m so chuffed, and now it’s just Puff and Plaster that are left. They need to go soon because HOMG I am just falling in love and they are too stunning! I’m happy to rehome them, though, and won’t hoard the kitties because they deserve their own homes.


Puff is adorable and still needs a home!


Plaster is the most loving little man – just wants to snuggle on your lap!

Anyway, I come out of the shadows of living to just give glimpses of what has been happening in the humble homestead of Moutonia. First my fridge was broken, and that problem was rather quickly resolved, but soon after did I realize my precious oven was also full of nonsense. This has actually been going on for a while, and someone had already been out twice to “fix” it. Turns out he fixed it incorrectly and now another person has to come next week when the parts are ready. All of which has meant that my passion for the kitchen has been drowned for the past month or so – even though I’m capable of making raw goodies or stove-top creations, without the burning centre of my kitchen running it’s as if the soul of it all has just been crushed. Hence the lack of posting and updates that aren’t cat-related (see my frenzied twitter account).

HOWEVER, something awesome happened on Friday which has kindled my passion for creation, and I honestly cannot wait to re-organize my life to get back into things. A few weeks ago I won the fabulous NuNaturals competition by Poppy over @ Bunny Kitchen and Kristy over @ Keepin it Kind – I just adore their blogs and silently stalk their delicious dishes each day, so this was just such a delight 😀 On Friday my in-laws brought the box, and the prizes are sensational – NuStevia droppers, oat fibre, simple syrup, aaannnndddd cocoa syrup! Oh my *goodness* – seriously, wow! And also, thank you! ;D

I decided that it’s only natural to use the cocoa syrup on everything possible, so I spent the day yesterday squeezing it over smoothies, raw treats, and even fruit. Oh yes! It’s devilishly sweet when you first test it out, but my palate soon adapted…I even think I put some into my evening soy milk *koff* I should probably take it slow, but let me at least share a day in the munch life of Marfigs. It’s not what I ordinarily eat overall, but I had lots of fun chowing down yesterday, so I figured I should share. I also got some lemons from my in-laws, so I made some raw lemon chia curd on Friday and have been sneaking that into my meals as well. Let’s just say I cannot wait for Monday when the gym opens up again!

A day in the munchies

Breakfast: stove-top stuffed cabbage rolls with green lentils and mushrooms. I was pretty sick of breakfast cereal, and these didn’t take long at all to whip up – so yummy!


Lunch (I usually eat a teatime snack but I had a pal over, hence the uber snacking later on): Sauerkraut & asparagus salad, beetroot-olive-fig hummus & avo rye slice, a slice of Vegan Richa’s broccolini frittata (still going strong in Casa Moutonia!), as well as zucchini soup with pumpkin seeds and green lentils (I did eat this over a two hour period, but wauf, lots of stuffing!)


Post-lunch snack: Pear with cocoa syrup

pearsliceDinner: Zucchini soup with green lentils and salad. Yum!


Post-dinner “snack”: papaya smoothie with some cereal crumbles, goji berries, and NuNaturals cocoa syrup. SO GOOD! And some snap peas for good green measure 🙂

smoothienoms smoothiesidenoms snappeasnack

Post-post snack: Raw custard curd cups – oh yes! Buckwheat flour & date cup with 1/2 of the raw lemon curd & 1/2 custard, with splashes of this awesome cocoa syrup, NuStevia orange & lemon drops…oh yessss! The good thing about raw cups is that you can pretty much do anything with any combination of fruit and nuts or raw flours and come out with a delicious treat. 🙂

backcurdcake topcurdcake sidecurdcake

Sjoe! That’s a lot of food, but winter = eating for heat, and I figured I gave one kitty away to its forever home, so I could totally count half of the above as “comfort eating” :p Those cups are delicious and so easy to make – I was pretty inelegant with the cup form, and could probably rather make a base than an entire shell next time, but so worth it as a carrier of cocoa syrup! Thanks again to Poppy and Kristy! You guys are awesome 😀

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Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

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