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Dinner and a show…plus a new blender! :D

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I’m not sure whether to be sad or not. My blender broke on Tuesday morning on a gorgeous pumpkin-mango smoothie of all things. I was rather disgusted because seriously, it’s a smoothie, but then I recalled the time I poured yoghurt down the jug when there wasn’t a blade at the bottom, or the other time when I blended a metal spoon, and it kinda made sense. Lessons learnt. Still, this new beauty of mine is 1000km of pure raw energy at my fingerprints, with 12 settings, pulse and ice crusher functions. You can bet my smoothie action is only going to increase from now on! I even wanted to try a “green thickie” on Tuesday but it fizzed out just as I was about to add the oats. Ai.


I also got an amazing oven liner – gone are the metres of baking paper! A little bit of splurge ends up being a bargain in the long run, especially after having a complete lack of baking paper in our area for almost two weeks (this may or may not have caused several meltdowns in the kitchen!).

Still, my pumpkin-mango smoothie was more than filling, and in fact I was still sloshing around by the time I attended a talk by a dietician entitled “the gutsy brain”. It was really fascinating since the presenter explained how the brain and stomach nerves actually come from the same core, and split in the foetus during growth/development, which is why the gut does and what goes in it is so vitally important for mood, mindfulness, disease prevention and other life factors. I was nodding like a crazy person the whole time through because it’s something I can easily experience when I eat – if I chow something refined or overly starchy, with unnecessary add-ons that will eventually break down into excess sugars or other toxins for my body to sort out, it can easily go into a form of shock (irritability, sudden intense fatigue, etc). Talks such as this help me to become mindful again about what I eat, and have made me re-evaluate how and why I eat or even over-eat, even if it’s on vegetables, nuts, and other “healthy” edibles. This idea of “eat as much as you want” is always what everyone wants to hear, but what can your gut physically digest in preparation for the next meal, especially if one is eating every two to three hours?

I feel pretty sorry for my guts, truth be told, because they’re probably just as confused as I am.

Anyway! I am rather excited about our new tradition at home, or at least what I hope will become a tradition. Usually Man-thing and I slink upstairs to watch a series at dinner time by my laptop, since I have an extra large screen hooked up. This, however, is not very conducive to post-noshing cuddles or simply stretching out, since we sit like sardines in our own computer chairs (which are still awesome!). Since our date night on Saturday, however, we’ve been setting up Man-thing’s laptop downstairs by the couch and it’s been glorious to kick back side by side over a tray and munch together in a more social environment. It also means that I don’t multi-task as usual and browse on one screen whilst glancing at a show on another. Multi-tasking is actually not always productive, because one gets less done by not paying 100% attention to something. That’s how I end up forgetting the applesauce for my brownies, or leaving out flour in cakes. To save on energy I usually bake as much as I can at one time, so it’s a question of prepping tofu, mixing batter, squishing burgers and trying to sip my usually icy cold tea in between. Bah! Sometimes one needs to teach oneself to relax and take it easy.

After many a hint and straight-out comments, Man-thing made dinner last night – talk about kicking back! I’ve been feeling a bit run-down on the cooking and baking front, simply because, although I love it, once it becomes a chore or something that’s half expected of me (“what’s for dinner?) the wind kind of goes out of my sails. Growing up my dad was the cook in the house, since it was only us two, so I’m used to men being rather able and self-sufficient, and which is why it took me many years (over two decades, in fact) to learn how to boil pasta, for example. Going vegetarian and then vegan kick-started a slow but steady tumble into the basics of the culinary experience from the other side of the plate, but sometimes I still pine for the experience of nosing around the kitchen, looking over someone’s shoulder waiting for the big finale to devour. It’s a bit big treat for me then to get a complete meal made with no intervention from me (other than really unhelpful guidelines beforehand, I must admit!) and which is something I can just sit down to! 😀 Alas I think I got a bit overexcited and made suggestions about how maybe we could implement “Man-thing Thursdays” (since today is technically his day off), which got me a lip twitch and a comment about how that would be ok if I’d be ok with eating the exact same thing (soy mince and pasta). Ergh. It’s baffling how not everyone can be inspired by the amazing ingredient choices and combinations available; to become a mad scientist playing with electricity and measurements and degrees of deliciousness!


Man-dinner! I figured there has to be a food pic somewhere – alas, a quick snap before it was devoured, alongside my super unattractive looking but rather delicious gherkin salad. :p

Anyway – that one day of peace and quiet was enough to bolster me for today where I spent almost five hours baking and cooking in preparation of our weekend away in the lowveld. I won’t say more before tomorrow, but here’s an ‘action shot’ of the horror.


My real cookbooks are the perfect weights to squish out the water from tofu. I need to get me some *vegan* cookbooks that I can actually just open and use without modifications. The only one I have at the moment is by Chef Chloe – what a lonesome collection!

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