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Brownie cookies, Christmas salad and some snaps from Moutonia

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Done and done! At last the drama days are over, and all can return to normal. I had such a blast yesterday with my in-laws – eating brunch together (the mushroom parcel pies were well received!) and gifting, followed by the very awesome nap time, and then the big family gathering. I never expect gifts but I got some fabulous things, including almond butter from Man-thing (because he listens <3), homemade vegan chutney from my sister-in-law (with a “vegan friendly” sign and everything, d’aw!), and a set of dessert bowls, serving bowl and glasses from Man-thing’s parents. It’s amazing to think how spoilt one can be, but the amount of love and happiness in our family is overwhelming, and makes for a shiny heart.


The very popular chocolate tree.

Anyway, I just had to share our Christmas salad! Man-thing and I were in charge, but I cut my thumb almost immediately so he had to take over the chopping while I peered around him (too short to peer over his shoulder, damnit!) and directed the proceedings. Mixed spinach and mint herb salad leaves, beetroot and carrots (julienne), gherkins, baby tomatoes, cucumber, cranberries and red grapes! Nom nom! Alas that side of the family doesn’t go big on salad, but at least there were a few who had hearty helpings, and I certainly got more than enough to take home and munch.


Today’s teatime snack – fig jam-infused scrambled tofu on wholewheat bread with avo and plum ketchup with the salad of noms. I’ve had about four servings of salad today – it’s almost all gone! *tear*

We went over today to the sword folk down the road for a chat, to grab some viewing material, and I decided to jazz up some brownie cookies for them, since they are on a high-protein, low-carb (or low-starch) diet. These cookies are based on the brownie thumbprints (which I still have to try in their unmolested state) that have been on my bookmark list for quite some time. I still to the general outlines, except I splashed in some more milk and folded in some milled poppy seed flour in some. That way, instead of the 9-10 cookies, I got 18. >:) It was a semi-drippy state, almost like a mousse, so I made tablespoon-sized blobs on the waxed paper and baked them for the 12 minutes required. So lovely! Decadent, rich, and ever so naughty.


The cookie with the poppy seeds folded in is on the right – made for a plumper, more sturdy cookie overall. The seed-less cookies were very light and frail, but a melt-in-your-mouth sort of softness, not a limp handshake.

These things are delicious! I love brownie in cookie form – and they come out so soft and chewy out the oven that I sommer plonked two straight into my mouth! I’m going to make these again sometime this week for the in-laws with a splash less sugar to accommodate my diabetic FIL, but these are the type of goodies one shares, methinks. Speaking of the in-laws, look what I got!


Hair-combing is 100% optional in December.

Whee! I have one in blue that I got last year at a early morning farmer market, and it was my source of power for leaving the house in confidence that people would think I was crazy enough to require some healthy personal space. 😀 From my dad, among other things, we got three awesome potted plants, such I’d been eyeing his collection in their beautiful garden and am always amazed by how colourful and sprightly it is there. Our garden, alas, is rather drab at the moment, but these plants add some whoosh and whim to the front door.

flowers2res flowers1res flowers3resMay I mention how cool my new camera is? I took these shots two to three metres away and you can still see the follicles and stuff in the RAW files. Woah! Alas, the family is on my case to expand my photography portfolio to more than just food and try and include more people and what not. I figure plants don’t give me back-chat or pose awkwardly like nervous ducks, so this absolutely counts! Yes. 😀

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