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fruity cupmuffs with peanut butter surprise!

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So yesterday, in a spat of utter boredom, I decided to bake some goodies for the various people at work. Considering I work at a library, “people” becomes a daunting number, so I kept it down to IT support and other people I happened to cross paths with. Unfortunately my social anxiety caught me smack in the middle of the face and I couldn’t bring myself to distribute any of the goodies, not one! Ah well. We eventually dropped these off at the darling in-laws, who enjoyed them so much I got a telephone call out of it. I also dropped off little xmas goody packets of chocolate walnut coffee biscotti and some sweet potato brownies. I also got a telephone call from Zim, the First Mate on the SS Historia, which was rather garbled, but the gist was “nom”, and thus I am satisfied that the treats were all round well received! Alas, the sweet potato brownies are not pictured, simply because there’s no easy way to photograph brownies without them looking blah beyond measure when pressed for time. I did use Deliciously Ella’s recipe as the basis, and I must say I was most impressed, even a little sad to see the buggers go!


Don’t mind my babbling – this is a delicious treat – I love the vegginess of the brownie whilst it retains its denseness from the sweet potatoes and the moistness from the choc-chips and pumpkin. The dates…transform this into another world of wonder. I love using natural sweeteners – so much more flavour gets infused into the cooking/baking process.


  • I used 2/3 cup oat flour, with 1/2 a cup of brown rice flour.
  • I used 1 cup of normal pitted dates (not Medjool) and soaked them in hot water for an hour or so)
  • I used 2 TBSP agave syrup and 1 TBSP applesauce.
  • I peeled and steamed 1 large sweet potato with about a cup of pumpkin chunks – altogether, with the dates blended in, I got about 2 cups of the nommiest, most tasty and deeply textured sweetness. Oh sweet potato, how I have misunderstood thee! Nevertheless, I’m not a big fan of sweet potato in general (gives me the dry-mouth feeling I associate with on-set diabetes, so I stay clear), so the pumpkin gives that natural sweetness and texture which combined….nhguh *drool*
  • Oh right, I also added some sprinkles of chocolate chips…for fun…and evil laughter. >:D
  • A last word and mod – I used 2 square sized pans (let’s say the 22cm ones?) because I wanted flat brownies (and MOAR) to share easier among colleagues (wasn’t that a fail!)

At last! Fruity cupmuffins with PB surprise! 


Completely innocent looking, right?

As the basis I used the cranberry vanilla muffin mixture of lovely sweet doom from over at MyInspiration. Why doom? Because I could happily swallow a half-dozen and stuff my cheeks for later-snacks. I decided to double the recipe, and since it was for the public at large, and not my usual health-conscious self, the mods began slightly early.


  • I used cake wheat flour for its light and airy texture. Usually my cupmuffins are a little dense, but I figured the world at large doesn’t find itself too picky over flour choices, and I needed to get rid of the excess flour. It’s not bad for you, but for my personal baking I prefer rye (must buy more!)
  • Instead of the whole dried cranberries toot I used 2-3 TBSP fig jam and mixed it into the milk with a fork, along with the 1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence, 2 big squirts of lemon juice, 1 TBSP applesauce, and 2 medium bananas, mashed. Next time I may take it a little lighter on the banana front, but nom. I hauled out my hand-held blender and whirled the mixture around till it got quite bubbly.
  • I poured half the mixture into the muffin pans, then dolloped a little less than one teaspoon of smooth peanut butter in the centre of each, filling in the rest of the batter atop. I layered a few slivers of almond atop and voila- in the oven for 20+- minutes.
  • opensesameres

    Just cast your eyes upon those pillowy sides? Rather dazzling, nay? And the delicate crunch of some thinly sliced mirrors of almond to surprise the tongue.

  • innardsofgoores

    muahah! Oh yes, peanut butter goo! 😀

  • Next time I’m going to add a tsp or less of jam to the PB innards and make a whole sandwich vibe in one, cocooned in a more rye-dense muffin, but this was a rather happy treat to make.
  • innerblueres

*happy sigh* Well, I’ve got some surprises downstairs but it’s too late to take some snaps, so that’s tomorrows stop-in at the ol blog. Man-thing was busy reading more Harry Potter to me last night, and it was beyond hilarious/adorable to hear his “Scottish” accent for Hagrid and his really Afrikaans way of pronouncing Nicholas Flamel. *big grin* To spoil him I’ve decided that tomorrow is burger day, since with all my stress and anxiety a cheery wife I do not make!

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