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baked chickpea pancakes – easy lunch – and lemon poppy seed loaf with cashew frosting


Shall I start with lunch or pudding? Let’s do lunch, since it is incredibly easy to make, and is bladdy tasty to boot. A week or so ago I tried to make Angela’s Jumbo chickpea pancakes again, but my pan packed up thanks to all the scratches, and everything became a big smush of bits and globs.


I doubled the batch and sprayed the bells out of two round 20-22cm pans and split the batch to bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven (180 degrees Celsius).



NOM! Quick, easy, delightfully versatile. I’ve made it lots of times now in the oven with shredded carrots, zucchini, all that. Since I figured out one can bake this bugger I’ve managed to procure a non-stick pan, but I like this way so much that it’ll be a hardship to switch over again.


Lemon poppy seed cake with cashew frosting (serves 16. Or, rather, there are 16 slices which serves monsters well)


I spent a lot of time this past week looking up different poppy recipes, since I got a 1kg bag for my birthday (many, many months ago!) from two lady pals and it has been rather neglected til now. I finally decided to merge different recipes, but my original list is a compilation of 20+ recipes. I realized that this is how I usually operate when it comes to choosing a recipe and deciding on how to modify it, because so many recipes each contain individual elements that I adore and want to include. I also find them rather informative – for instance, one or two websites suggested that one soaks the poppy seeds in the soy milk for 20 minutes or so so that the poppies do not suck up the surrounding liquid during the baking process. awesome! Anyway, I try to keep the recipes low-cal and low-sugar so that I can share on a whim with the health-conscious or diabetic, such as my FIL, and I think this recipe covers all those bases.

My main base was eventually this recipe by Rachel in Veganland, with some influences from over the web, including Veggieful with their juice input.


  • As mentioned above, I soaked the poppy seeds. Even if it does absolutely nothing, I’m still going to do it with all my poppy cakes and muffins from here on out, because I like imagining that such randomness has a purpose.
  • I used 1 1/4 cups nutty wheat flour and 1/4 cup cake wheat flour (tis less dense).
  • I also subbed the canola oil for 1/2 cup applesauce, since I’m not a fan of oil in my cakes, and this does the trick nicely for oil-free baking.
  • I added 2 tsp lemon juice AND also threw in 1/4-1/2 low-cal passion fruit juice concentrate thinned down considerably. This I figure helps give some air-iness to the eventual texture and cancels out the heavier nutty wheat flour, which would ordinarily have weighed down the cake and made it too dense and more bread-like. Considering I baked the cake in a loaf pan, this low sugar recipe was already cutting it fine.
  • There is also 1 TBSP of custard powder in here! Oh yes! Next time I might mix it with a little milk before hand and then plonk that into the bigger picture, but I wanted just that hint of smooth sweetness which custard brings without overpowering anything else. It just softens the edges of the lemon, methinks.
  • NB: I baked the loaf-cake for 30 minutes, then poked lots of holes everywhere and poured a thin mixture of 1 TBSP powdered sugar and 1 TBSP soy milk with 1 TBSP lemon juice and poured it over the cake, spreading the glaze evenly across the top with the back of a spoon. I then put it back into the oven for the last 10 minutes. I just think this adds to the inner softness of the cake and adds that tiny bit of sweetness which would otherwise be lacking for most tastebuds. Again, I also think the heavier flours will accomodate such a move, but not too sure about pastry flour or more airy ones, where it might cause a big of a congealed mess.



Happy, healthy cake! Hurrah! The cake is actually to celebrate the fact that yesterday was my last day of work for the year (officially)! I still have editing to do, but that’s luckily not sitting in an over-air conditioned office feeling like a police officer. I love my job, and I’m so glad I got to do something different this year, but there comes a breaking point for everyone, and luckily I struck gold and signed out right before I lost my mind! šŸ˜€ With the Masters degree confirmed as a plan-of-action for next year I’ll be back for this same job in 2014 – it’s amazing to think that after how many years I don’t have to do 2-4 jobs at the same time just to afford petrol/gas. This cake therefore represents the year, I guess – light, happy and full of little surprises!


For the frosting I used the base of this cashew frosting recipe, but “accidentally” doubled it, using 1 cup soaked cashews, 2 TBSP agave, 1 TBSP beautiful almond butter, and I forgot completely about the coconut oil. I also used a TBSP of lemon juice, as well as a 1/4 TBSP of poppy seeds, for splash. Blitzed it long and then some in the food processor, and it is so subtle yet decadent, that I’m not sorry to have a whole 1/2 cup sitting in my fridge, waiting to be manhandled somehow. I like the idea that under the frosting is some light glaze to give that bit of sweetness, but Man-thing says that there’s always room for more sugar in his stomach, so I guess others may prefer to add some more sugar to their frosting or to their cake, depending on tastes.

cutsliceownres slicenomsres

So there you have it! Delightful, non-chocolate happiness in your mouth! I’m still going to do an ooey-gooey chocolate or malva pudding type dessert for when Man-thing’s teaching degree results get released. I’ve completed all my theoretical modules now but I suspect I’m not cut out for teaching younglings, so I’m happy to put that on ice for now – going through the theoretical modules together with Man-thing was great though – don’t think I’d have managed motivation-wise all myself. I could say that for most things in life, which is why I don’t mind that he ate THREE slices of this cake off the bat, and would probably had munched more had I not made a point of saying I’d wanted to share it with the in-laws (for which purpose there actually needs to be some remaining by tomorrow morning!).

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  2. This looks beautiful! Thank you so much for the mention–I am thrilled you liked the recipe!


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