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Cabbage onion tofu tart – purple nurple in edible form

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This morning was baking busy-ness! Woke up early to make some baked chickpea pancakes with shredded zucchini and carrot, then another plum and strawberry cobbler…and then this! Except “this” is not so simple. It started off with lots and lots of excess red cabbage from our soup making, so I decided to try out my hand at making a caramelized onion and (red) cabbage sauce. Fail. Or rather, tasty, but too purple for Man-thing’s tastes. He took a snuff of the final product and admitted it was too pungent for his fair senses. Alas. So I decided to press out some tofu, make a dough and make a gorgeous purple tart! I love colour in my food, so this was lots of glee to bring together (need to think about what I can make blue >:)).



For the crust I used this recipe, subbing the olive oil for canola (used whatever was closest!). Baked it at 180 Celsius for 10 minutes after poking some holes about, then filled it up with:

– 1 cup of the cabbage onion sauce

– 1 tub Nature’s choice tofu

– 200g shredded zucchini

– 2 TBSP soy milk

– topped with slices of cherry tomatoes for garnish

Baked for 35-40 minutes -nom and nom!

purple mushres


crustsideatopres tomatosliceres


Glee! This is my first time using a scalloped tart pan. I have to be honest and admit that when I bought it close to a year ago I had no idea that the bottom was supposed to come apart, so I swore rather heavily about what a piece of bleep I had bought. When we last watched Master Chef when house-sitting for the in-laws, however, I happened to see that, durr, it should do that so that you can easily remove the tart from the baking tin. Well, lessons learnt! Nothing quite like feeling like a moron in the kitchen, but it’s something I should get used to it seems!

crunchres whole tartres


It really tastes divine! The strong cabbage-y onion taste and smell from the sauce is mellowed out significantly by the tofu, and one gets a lovely bite and textured flavour out of it.

sidesquishnomsyres bitelahres


When it comes to tofu quiches, one can actually add anything, in fact. Spinach, peppers, the lot! I like the fact that the innards are solid, but I assume a more creamy tofu would also work well. Either way, I’m rather delighted that I managed to make something of my sauce! I suspect that, did our blender actually work as other blenders do, my sauce would have been much more fluid and would have been quite interesting over a pasta, but I prefer it like this!



My one sadness? The crust is rather hard – not inedible, just very difficult to cut. When one takes a big bite you notice the crust as much as you do the innards, and to my mind a crust should always be the sidekick (despite my many crust photos in this and other posts!). I suspect a creamier innard would perhaps soak into the crust and make it softer? Any advice would be welcome šŸ˜€ Nevertheless, this is easy, fun, and, best of all, PURPLE! Man-thing really likes it, and ate two slices rather chop-chop. Sitting at approximately 160kcal a slice, I would happily pair this with a summer soup or with a nommy leafy salad.



In fact, I’m going to put some in my lunchbox for tomorrow, just so I can see everyone’s faces in the tea room >:) I love freaking people out with my strange concoctions, and even one slice is very filling, high in protein, and a decent enough amount of fibre if one uses nutty wheat flour. Nom!


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