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Rye and oat veggie galette


So this is something that started at 05h00 this morning after lying awake thinking about it from 04h00. My little sister and her mom are going to Denmark today so I decided to make something to take for my dad to eat whilst he looks after my baby brother, who is a handful and a half. Except today when we went to go visit it turns out he can now walk! So I guess future-him may be rather upset about being called a baby when he is now a toddler of sorts, but that’s just the blah of things. I made a galette early this year and it was such a joy to stuff myself with, so with all the ingredients in place, I decided that this would make the great situation snack for my dad – enough veggies and carbs and all that to keep him going for a few hours, but rather healthy overall! I trolled around on the internet quite a lot, but eventually made a smush of all galette related recipes to produce the one below.


Veggie galette

1 cup rye flour

½ cup oat flour (normal oats can be processed for this until a fine powdery flour)

½ cup relatively chilled homemade butter/coconut

A few TBSP cold water

¼ cup soy milk

½ tsp sea salt

Splash of oregano + other green herbs



300g pumpkin

3 leeks

2 medium marrows

100g brown mushrooms

1 small sachet Rhodes tomato paste – spiced & mixed with 1 TBSP balsamic & 1 TBSP wine & 2 TBSP date water (later thinned with boiling water – see instructions)

Nutmeg, white pepper, paprika…whatever floats your boat!



Combine the rye and oat flour, butter, salt in a food processor until it forms a dough. I added quite a bit of cold water a TBSP at a time just to loosen up the dough and make it malleable enough that my fingers pressed into it actually caused a dent!

I rolled my ball of dough in some plastic wrap and placed that in a bowl in the fridge overnight, since this dough project was after coming home from a ladies night (i.e. not much chance of whipping together a last-minute galette :p). Otherwise half an hour should do it!

As instructed on the other blogs and here and there, I took it ought an hour ahead of time for when I had wanted to start baking, but roasting took so frakkin long that I put it back in the fridge, and then back out, and by that time I was fed up! Basically, be sure of when you think you will be ready and only then take it out to relax into a dough.

Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius.

Steam your relatively smallish diced pumpkin in the microwave for 4 or so minutes and then pat it down with paper towels to rid it of excess moistures. Place on a pre-prepared baking sheet sprayed with some form of spray & let it roast for 15 minutes. Once that’s over with, add the chopped leeks, sliced marrows and mushrooms and distribute them evenly across your baking pan/sheet. Do *not* add oil or any funny business – it isn’t necessary! 😀 In total the baking/roasting part should take approximately 40 minutes, with some turning and poking here and there – in the last 10 minutes I sprinkled on some paprika and other spices quite liberally to give a last minute punch.

Whilst the oven is blasting the veggies, you should start on the dough, which I didn’t until *after* (it was a weird morning). I found that even after leaving it outside the fridge for an hour it was too crumbly, too hard and simply uncooperative. There was no way to get this to form a bladdy galette! So I put everything back in the mixing bowl and added approximately ¼ cup (or more!) soy milk to the mixture, after which it was a treat. I had ½ a cup of flour on standby for dusting the dough rolling area, so all the excess liquid swallowed up some of that quite nicely. Still, this way I could press down with the ball of my hands and fists (easier than a rolling pin) and press out the edges finer and more round than would otherwise have appeared.

Once the dough has been flattened, smear the spiced tomato paste mixture in a circle on the dough, leaving a 2cm space at the edges. Next time I would slightly mash down the veggie mixture, which comes next, with a fork, but even leaving them whole and all roasty is really nice. I wasn’t too fussed about which ingredients went where, just dashed them all in the middle. Nice!

Fold up the bare edges of the galette dough and bring them towards the centre of the “pie” – pleating, if you so wish – and paint the edges of the dough on top with some small splashes of soy milk. Take any leftover tomato paste, date water and balsamic wine mixture and add some boiling water to it if it is not runny enough to pour over the innards that are showing in a rather shift, hand-shaking way.

Place the dish in the oven for 35 minutes until it’s all crispy, and voila! 😀


The crust is beautiful- textured, almost flaky…mmmm, and the deliciously roasted innards are so tasty, especially when paired with the surprise thin layer of deep and bittersweet tomato paste mixture. It’s like a terrible exclusive and thin-crusted pizza, essentially, and all the better for it!

lahlahresI can’t do this galette justice – I cut it up and ate a slice so fast at lunch hour that there was nothing whole to take a snap of . Whoops! 😉

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

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  1. Oh gosh this looks so yummy! Great variety of veggies yummy 🙂


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