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Chickpea pancakes and creamy carrot innards

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As I’ve been trying to get all my food folders in order I decided on one purely dedicated to pancakes, because the amount of tasty vegan versions out there is logic enough to try out each one of those. With all the chickpea flour in the cupboard, and man-thing’s policy to use up all the ingredients in the house before splurging on more, I’ve had my eye on ways to make tasty treats out of this versatile fluff of magic.

The best part of this flour is the fact that it’s airy and makes bubbles. With science like that, how much more fun could cooking be? ๐Ÿ˜€ *dork*

Anyway, this is a chickpea pancake recipe from Angela over at Oh She Glows. It’s easy, awesome, and the result is tasty!


I added lots of spices to this batter – chili flakes, paprika, nutmeg…anything I could get my hands on really, topped off with my new favourite: white pepper. I’m not sure how on earth one can make a jumbo chickpea pancake without rolling around afterwards from the stuffed-ness. We split the batter in two 120ml batches and it really is more than enough – one gets a nice big fold-y pancake out of it. You could also add anything into the batter, I suspect, if the bits are chopped finely enough – mushrooms and red onions, marrows and sundried tomatoes….nom!


Much like a normal pancake, it bubbles and carries on, but the trick is definitely to leave it alone for the recommended 5-6 minutes per side. I turned the heat up to 4/6 for the second pancake and it came out much more golden overall and less frumply where I furiously poked at its underside with a spatula.


nom nom nom


As an aside, this is the carrot cream business from yesterday’s Karelian pastry, which I popped into a ramekin (or rather, three) and plonked into the oven at 230 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes, or until browned. It is *just* as delicious as yesterday. I see this filling going places!

Back from the ad break, this is what came of the lot. Now that I look at it, some chopped fresh herbs like chives or what not would work great in the batter.


Mushed inside with some avo – a feast of good fats and protein from the chickpea flour. Man-thing smeared his carrot innards down and layered it with baked fig and tomato marinated tofu, as well as some vegan sausages.


The slight crispness of the baked carrot innards makes for some delight – very visually pleasing!


In fact, this carrot filling and the batter together can be made into a sweet pancake with some cranberries or even a lemon curd of sorts.

sideofcakeres folded2res




Look at it, trying to act all demure, as if it didn’t blow my mind away with its simplicity and nominess. I am so impressed beyond measure with this concoction, if I can say so myself. I’m going to start making this regularly for lunch to combat my hectic low blood pressure – better than stupid slices of bread or what not. Apparently carbohydrates aren’t recommended for hypo-tension, so this just confirms the feeling of slogginess I get whenever I eat too much pasta or pizza (not that I do so much, anymore). Chickpea flour can also be used to make a pizza-type base, so there’s hope! ๐Ÿ˜€

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