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date tofu cake and the naming of things

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So on Saturday it was the big ‘Mo family gathering at the in-laws. In anticipation of this I decided to bake a cake that morning…not knowing what I was baking wasn’t a cake, nor that I would not have time to eat it after letting it cool down anyway (it was a very, very lazy day of Saturn). So in the fridge it stayed til the wee hours of the night, when I took it out and snap’d some photographs, tasting here and there. My sadness was immense. This was no cake, it was…something, some pie!

Needless, to say, I later recalled that the recipe and cake had introduced itself to my clouded brain as such before, but after ceaselessly trolling and being trolled up and down the internet, my rage!brain went all NO CAKE. NO WIN.

This pie is win, however!!! HGK’s date-kissed Pumpkin Pie!

side shotres

I used the recipe for a plain oat & oil crust from Gnowfglins since it was the simplest recipe that did not require a cup each of dates or nuts and all that. 

Before I snore you to bore with the endless photos of this lovely, oh dreamy pie, let me detail the changes I made.

I added in 2 TBSP agave syrup, as well as 2 or so TBSP of prune purée (because I’m scary for my noms) to round off the 1/2 cup of date paste. I managed to get 3 TBSP of date “paste” (in my case, gunk) out of a little smidge more than half a cup of dates soaked in water for an hour and then blitz’d.


For the oat crust I guess I could’ve used coconut oil instead of olive oil, but my mind wasn’t working very efficiently! Still, it came out decently enough, though next time I’ll make that 1/3 cup or so of water a hellishly strong chai tea for flavour. Still, I love that it’s much more health-conscious than most. I see lots of possibility for this being a pretty solid go-to for a neutral pie crust. 😀


Anyway, this really is a subtle, delightful treat! I’ve been chowing it since Sunday as a tea-time snack along with some salad. I figure, what could be better than protein, veg and a little bit of sweetness for a chomp to keep the engines going? The oat base just thinly snaps off any attempts this pie may harbour about going crust-less, since it is a limber liaison between the plate and your palette. 

intenseonthegojisres underbellybiteresI can’t wait to take this basic premise and make it a smoky savoury version somehow…mmm…But either way, HGK’s recipe is a winner! All it took was a mental re-adjustment away from cake to pie and I fell in love. I’m fickle that way :p

topgojirescutintoresfinal bitesres

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