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Tomato cabbage soup and almond butter oat and choc chip bars

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Ok Ok Ok, let’s take deep breaths and go back in time. This morning I met up with a pal for a quick coffee and dmc (apparently, deep meaningful conversation – gad I’m getting old). Exams are standing square with their boot on our necks but I desperately needed a little bit of retail therapy to round off the weekend, and anyhow some ingredients needed buying for baking, which is the only thing I have as a destressor. Anyhow, I traipsed up and down the row of shops, finally oh finally getting my paws on not one but two baking pans – SQUARE! Rah! After reading and sulking about all the square-pan recipes out there, and how perfectly everything squares out when it comes to cutting bars and all manners of lovely creatures. However, I’m going to go backwards and show the soup first before I brag about the pan any further, since dinner before pudding and all that.

celeryres presoupres

Tomato cabbage, pea and celery soup!! Spicy, rich, warm, and ridiculously tasty. Sweet and sour! I based it on Healthy Girl’s Kitchen. The moment I saw the recipe I became immensely focused and started assembling all the bits and bobs. I made some small changes, such as replacing the tomato sauce with 1 cup leftover spaghetti sauce and 1/4 normal tomato sauce. I also added some peas, since man-thing was mooning over them the other day and how he missed the buggers. So, a cup made its way into the pot at the last moment. So distracting was the process I forgot to add some spinach into the soup, but that’s not a train smash since I always have steamed spinach with all my big meals. I also added some celery to give a little bit of crunch. So intensely lovely! A teaspoon of onion powder, a teaspoon of curry powder, and oodles of paprika, white pepper, among other tasties.


I replaced the agave syrup with 1/8 cup of passion fruit concentrate with 1/2 cup of water, as well as a TBSP of balsamic vinegar and 2 TBSP lite soy sauce.


Just look at that!! I can’t WAIT for dinner tomorrow! We made our usual weekly soup and I made this afterwards, so my regret is deep that I didn’t begin this project earlier.

Anyway, onto the prize of my weekend – these absolutely delicious, fantastic “Almost Raw Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars” by Oatmeal with a Fork. Whew! This…is beyond delicious. Don’t judge its look – I was the moron and didn’t read the pan size, so I bravely swirled it side to side in my 20cm square pan, with the result that they came out as these very flat and crumbly. We got one or two thickish pieces, but you know what? I don’t care! DELICIOUS!

cutting barres bar of nommy doomres


DIVINE! Oh, the reason might be that I used up some of my very sparingly plucked almond butter – sauce of the gods. I also used agave instead of maple, as well as Woolworth’s dark chocolate chips.

nommmmres beautifulres

Look! NOM NOM NOM! Seriously, I can’t wait til the end to describe what this tastes like – Magnum vanilla/almond ice-cream!!!! GLEEEEE!!! This may not sound so spectacular to some, but oh my goodness, I haven’t had a creamy ice-cream since ending vegetarianism last year (and more!) ago.

forksandlicksres sodeliciousres

I’ve put the rest in the freezer for man-thing to eat, and tomorrow I’m going to make it again (in its proper size!). In fact, man-thing got such a wobbly look of absolute pleasure and couldn’t stop raving as he ate the one serving. He then pulled an Oliver Twist and begged for not one, but two bars. If I’d let him he’d have polished off the whole thing. In fact, I also suffered and licked my fork and “cleaned up” the scraggly ends of the cuts in the pan. Ridiculously pleasing!

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