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Pumpkin choc chip bars and pumpkin baked oatmeal bars

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Other than a rather wonky start to the day, it was rather spectacular. It turns out I have six whole days of leave, so boss lady immediately sent me packing home-ways since the end of year is nigh and I need to use up my time. Awesomecakes! Naturally this meant I could finally test out some baking in the day time, and decided on two pumpkin recipes, based on man-thing’s new idea of using what’s in the house rather than specially buying ingredients. I would sulk, but it has gotten rid of all the applesauce and nearly all the chocolate chips that have been lying around for yonks, so there’s something to be said for that!


Anyway, coming home during the day means I get to see all sorts of shiny that I only spy on the weekends, such as our blooming, beautiful orchids. I used to pride myself on being a plant sanctuary before all my plants started revolting one by one (against what, who knows!), but these have been living for at least three years now, much to my delight! Three human years must surely be equal to a billion orchid years, much like cats get old and dusty at 15+.

flower sanctuaryres

Anyhow! The first thing I made was Mouth Watering Food’s Pumpkin Choc Chip Bars/Pie. It reminds me quite a lot of Chocolate Covered Katie’s divine and decadent bean-based deep-dish chocolate chip pie, but on a much more subtle scale. Whilst Katie’s pie has the wow taste factor for guests, this bar/pie is wonderful for having a ridiculously low-cal and yummy, chocolate-y snack in the house. After our post-dinner crisis the other night when we had to open up a packet of pudding mix I’ve tried to be more vigilant about having noms in the house, since we both tend to get cranky without direct sources of chocolate nearby.

prebitesres two slices of heavenres

Nom! Next time I might blend the two recipes, perhaps add some applesauce or what not just to chunk it up, but they really are like tiny slices of happiness. Bah, what am I saying, tiny. They’re only “tiny” because I could eat an entire 20cm pie dish and not be ill.

focus slicesres


Next I made Mouth Watering Food’s Pumpkin Raisin Baked Oatmeal Bars…I seem to be stuck on her website, but only because the results are so tasty and the recipes easy!

4 barsres closeupbarres


These really are breakfast bites! Usually on 99% of these food websites under “breakfast” it’s all “breakfast cake” or “breakfast muffins” and a thousand other foods I think are definitely and rather earnestly for pudding purposes only. Breakfast is strictly a cereal kind of meal to me, with the occasional french toast or tofu scramble with vegan sausages, and that’s just to spoil man-thing. These things, however, are by far lovely and filling, and certifiably oat-y to be considered edible at 06h00 in the morning. Then comes the difficult task of restraint, because what about second and third breakfast? These would be fine at any hour! The only thing I did was to add a smidge more raisins, since mine are rather large and didn’t make enough of a splash in the mixing bowl. I also used water instead of milk, but next time I want to try infusing some delightful tea and using that liquid instead.

raisinyres theoneres

I actually just snipped these into 12, and froze half the batch (I hope it freezes! :S). I also flipped them after 25 minutes and let them bake in the residual heat for another 15 minutes, because the bottom was a big soggy for my tastes.

Nevertheless, gnyarr, glomp, and goodnight!

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