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zucchini pizza crust and impending doom

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Today marks the end of a two week-long stint of marking first year assignments. In anticipation of this glory I figured I should be bold and try out another pizza base, since that is rather the epitome of laziness/decadence in students. Anyway I’ve become as silly as one just by reading their work, so there’s that. I’ve been eyeing pizza bases that don’t contain yeast, not only because it makes me feel wonky but because the yeast-y doughs look like an immense pain in the butt to prepare with all that kneading and what not. Luckily the internet agrees with me, and popped out this zucchini pizza crust by Oatmeal with a Fork. This makes a fine alternative to the polenta pizzas we love, which, although grand on the palette, tends to lack in crisp. Sometimes one just wants to hear a bladdy crunch that isn’t a celery stick, y’know? Although, this is what I came to today after an exhausting day at work. Man-thing knows how to whip up a snack, I tell ye!


marinated and baked tofu strip, baby tomatoes, cucumber, almonds and strawberries! Not to mention the “real” coffee for my post-work kick! ❤

Back to the script: almond flour, grated zucchini, and basically, give or take some items, voila! I had to add a bit more almond flour than recommended, and based on that, the price of the bladdy flour, and also just in general, I might try and experiment with some grain-based substitutions in future. Nevertheless, wauw! Crispy, tasty, and you can actually pick up a “slice”! I was a bit concerned since I had delegated grating to man-thing and it did not look like 2 cups, but what with him hovering around with an eager look on his face I couldn’t very well measure it! :p Either way it worked out like a charm.

After the first 20-minute bake. Getting crusty! :D

After the first 20-minute bake. Getting crusty! 😀

EXCEPT! I don’t know what size pizza Oatmeal got out of her batch, or perhaps I was too skittish about making the crust too thin, but I got one baby pizza out of the whole thing. Considering the amount of fats in this pizza though, that’s probably ok. Yes yes, it’s healthy fats, but yeesh! Man-thing looked very sad for himself when he saw the size, but once he started eating 2/3 of the pizza he came to the conclusion that it does actually make a sizeable dent in yer gut. Nom!

The first flip-over! :;

The first flip-over! 😀 Look at that lovely crisp forming! GLEE GLEE GLEE!

I topped the bugger with some tofu ricotta cheese by the Blissful Chef – her book Blissful Bites is one of three vegan books in the library, and I was very impressed to find a cheese topping that didn’t include another cup of nuts. I did faff around a bit based on what was around the house, admittedly, but same idea!  (makes about 5 moderate servings, which is basically two or so heaped TBSPs – more than enough to go around!)

– 1 tub Nature’s choice tofu, drained with paper towels and fried a little in a non-stick pan with a splash of lemon juice or whatever takes your fancy

– 1 cup spinach

– 1/2 cup basil (I didn’t have any so I just added more spinach)

– 1/2 cup nutritional yeast

– 1 tsp onion powder (this really makes all the difference in the world to savoury foods, especially tofu which sucks the soul of anything that crosses its formidable yet soggy shadow)

– 2 TBSP light soy sauce

– 1 TBSP lemon juice (or more)

– salt, white pepper, paprika…whatever strikes your fancy!

Blend everything but the tofu at first to get the spinach a bit mauled and manageable, and then add in the tofu to the food processor and blitz til it looks ricotta-ish with green bits 😀


I suck pants at making toppings for pizzas, but man-thing insisted on nuts and vegan sausages. I splodged a tomato sauce/fig jam/soy sauce number in blobs all over….no idea why…

I used this ricotta mixture tonight with some chopped tomato sauce and rye pasta for some deliciousness – a lovely, creamy, versatile number! In fact, it will work amazingly as a saucy vibe for lasagna. Can’t wait to experiment with zucchini lasagna >:)

athirdres sliceres

SO YUMMY! NOM NOM PIZZA WIN! If Pretoria actually decided to get its act together and import vegan cheese I don’t even know if I could stomach it, but this ricotta cheeze does a nice job of giving something to bite into. In fact, I would enjoy this just as crust + ricotta + strawberry balsamic reduction. mrowr.

Anyway, man-thing and I have upcoming exams for which we are woefully unprepared, thanks to the endless marking, so the next few days will likely focus rather generously on comfort foods. 😀

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