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Upside down strawberry bites and trepidation about rawness

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To preface, I must take a moment to freak out a little about raw food, and not in a very good way. Of course, I’m talking about sweet raw foods, since I gravitate towards making dessert-type items for fun, having my “real food” down pat (see: weekly soup, salads… stuff I don’t necessary need a cookbook for). The majority of these items contain an *intense* amount of nuts, dates, syrups and coconut goods. As in, use equal portions of 1-cupper nuts and dates for the crust, and then another 2 cups soaked and drained and blended for the filling, and then another cup or so for the topping, never mind the other fruits and funny bits included. If you work that stuff out for interest’s sake it often-times comes out to a horrific amount of cals and carbs. Yes, one does divide it by serving size, but yeesh. So, essentially I’m torn. On one hand, I drool at all these lovely summery dishes that don’t require baking (for which my wallet and electricity bill thanks me), but on the other hand I have to take a deep breath to convince myself that it’ll be okay, and I won’t explode. I guess a lot of bloggers are actually doing these things for the beauty of it, and scarfing down a serving as an occasional treat, but I prefer making things I can eat once a day without getting that guilty feeling in the back of my brain.



Anyway, this recipe for a blackberry cheesecake bar by Choosing Raw was dashing enough to convince me to down my baking pan and go soak my head and some cashews too. I’ve been eyeing this delight for a few days now, and yesterday Man-thing went to get me my goodies from the store. Today I went home after a quick stop at the doctor for very low blood pressure, so I spend the day trying my darndest to eat to the point of stuffing, and thought it a fine time to try this recipe out, since it’s very easy and meant I could crawl back into bed within 15 minutes of putting on my slippers.


My version made about 18 little squares, because I couldn’t work out how to cut 20 without making Man-thing sad about the portions.


I admit, I made some changes, but very minuscule! I recall from past ventures that using frozen goods doesn’t always work out well when you only plan to plop them into the fridge, since they lose a bit of water or so in the process, and the mixture becomes a bit runnier than planned. Therefore I decided to make use of my strawberries, which I subbed for the blackberries. I also subbed the walnuts for pecans, since I got 2kg on a special over the weekend and have no idea what to do with it all! (hence the raw food experiments).

Secondly, I used 1 TBSP agave/honey/syrup in the batter and less dates to make the crust, since it wasn’t smushing properly (I suspect one has to also soak the dates a smidge just to get them to be more cooperative). Thirdly, I used a little less coconut oil, and only 2 TBSP agave/honey, since I’m not too fussed about overt sweetness in my sweets. Lastly, which should have been firstly, I used less cashews than called for since the little packets are 100g and I munched a little on them as I was setting up…*koff* So not at all on purpose!


As you can see, I prefer my bites upside down so I can see the shiny undercarriage. Next time I’m going to get out a fork and be a tad more civilized, since the diminished size of the base means sticky fingers.

These really are *very* delicious! I know my base isn’t as puffed up, but it’s the berry cheesecake that’s the star of this two or three-bite serving. Man-thing instantly ate three of them, and then happily finished mine off too!


After waking up this morning, I reconsidered my raw position somewhat, because I am eyeing the clock trying to determine when best it would be appropriate to munch on one of these. The cheesecake almost reminds me of my blackberry tofu yoghurt, but it’s amazing not to have to use tofu for once! Either way, after this little experiment I think I’lll start to test out more raw recipes as summer heads into full gear and the flurry of delicious and exotic fresh fruits becomes too much for my brain to know what to do with! šŸ˜€

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Ahoy, Iā€™m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

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