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beetballs revisited and crustless quiche


So excited to stock up on protein foods now that we’re taking our practise walks a little more seriously (In anticipation for the 8km walk on the 24th). In retrospect I realize that 8km isn’t all that long, nor that hardcore, but for former blobs of inactivity such as myself it is a milestone of note. I barely used to be able to walk a block without huffing and wheezing, so I’m hoping to keep this up and get back into jogging once my legs stop crying out in pain. :p


To be smart about the whole thing I decided to make a batch or two of beetballs, as dreamed up by fatfreevegan, since they contain all sorts of protein goodies such as quinoa and chickpeas (though I used cannelloni since I didn’t have the other, but same difference!). I also didn’t have onion after the first batch, nor mushrooms to spare, so I used 3 zucchini and 4 mini eggplants (though I could barely fit everything into my food processor!). I also made a patty each for man-thing and myself, and baked the lot for closer to 40 minutes to try and get some crisipiness to them. Either way, delicious and healthy! One can easily smush them down onto a piece of rye or plop them in soup (as I did tonight). I also just randomly open the fridge and munch of them.


I won’t bore you with the tens of photos I took of raw beets, because that’s just my flavour of geekery, but these are truly yummy, bladdy easy to make, and rather cheap!

beetballswitheggplant2 beetsandpatty2

One can easily spot the quinoa, which is made of win, and is like vegan caviar. Loveliness! I used a tad too much cayenne in the first bunch, so I’m going to go buy tomato sauce tomorrow to spoil us and to balance it out, but slivering some avocado on top…oh man. These beets are going places, starting with my stomach. A serving is 5 of these, and that’s quite a lot and very filling.

Next, I was trolling around for quiche recipes, and although I have tofu in my fridge (and freezer…gah!), I wasn’t in the mood to fool around with pressing out water and all that, and then I came across this delightfully delicious recipe by Sprint 2 the Table. It says it’s a Mexican crustless quiche, but since I don’t have spicy peppers, tomatoes, or onion in the house, I subbed that stuff for an extra bell pepper, some zucchini and some baby eggplant (are you sensing a theme?). Man-thing dreads eggplant, but that’s to bad, because I think it is delightful, and half the time one can’t tell it’s there anywhere (“but I *know* it is”, says he!). Either way, the crust on this recipe is what sold me. I went out and bought some chickpea flour today, and put aside my prejudice of dodgy flours. The doc said I must go gluten-free, so amid lots of scoffing I bought some soya flour and almond flour, alongside the brown rice flour I’ve been spelunking into my banana breads and stuff.


I just had so much fun with this flour! So different from my standard nutty wheat – once I got started I understood how on earth the recipe dared asked me to mix the veggies and flour mixture and bake it together (this is what blew my mind and made me determined to test it out, because honestly, what whacky tricks was I being roped into?). I suspect the floury stuff sinks to the bottom after making everything around it delicious. Anyway! Below is the frothy mixture I got, just like the recipe said! I’m always disgustingly pleased when the descriptions match the reality.


ANYWAY, I’m sure you’re not hear to read about foam. No Sir. You are here to see crust, if you are any species of sane.

done2 cranberriesontop2

I’m rather mean, so above are the squishy innards, with a hint of crust. Look at how delicious that looks! And it’s all baked chickpea flour stuff! AND the top looks like cheese or something magical…how much better can it get?? At the last moment I threw on a small handful of cranberries before baking, and they made a dreamy addition, so next time I’ll add more, or some raisins, to give moments of sweet bliss on the tongue.

crustnom2 topview2

*glee* it makes its own crust on the side!! That’s my one beef with crustless tofu quiches – nothing to bite on but mushed veggies – this has what it takes to be a solid vegan quiche. I’ll still try my mini vegan tofu quiches for snacks, but if I were to serve anything to guests in this class of eats it would be this recipe. One can do anything, add anything (especially spices!).

slicesofnom2 sensational crust2

Anyhow, I’ve made this with the idea that it’s my new teatime meal. I get very hungry at work and low blood pressure and lack of snack makes for a cranky marfigs, so I figured I’d be smart about the whole thing and not rely on rye and peanut butter sandwiches for eternity (though they are bladdy tasty). At 175+- cals per slice, that’s not too bad at all! *skips off*

Author: Marfigs

Ahoy, I’m Margaux! History teacher and freelance editor; wench to my Man-thing; volunteer at a cat shelter; and handmaiden to our kitsy cats, Gatsby, Freyja and Atlas. This blog is dedicated to vegan food, occasionally overthrown by pictures of foster kittens and other fluffy creatures. I love sharing ideas and recipes, so don't be shy: stop by and say hi!

4 thoughts on “beetballs revisited and crustless quiche

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  3. I am so excited you like the quiche!!! Your description is fantastic – and now I’m going to try beet balls. πŸ™‚

    Your addition of cranberries made me think – what about a sweet chickpea flour quiche? Hmmmm…


    • πŸ˜€ Huzzah! Please do try the beetballs – they really are the best snack.
      Oh yes, a sweet chickpea concoction sounds divine – I will play around and see what develops on my side. The gluttonous part of my brain wants something like a blueberry & custard innard, but that’s just insane. πŸ˜›


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