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Sweet potato shepherd’s pie

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Today I was in sick – either thanks to expired chutney or the dregs of our visit to my family on Sunday, which usually leaves me swimming in germs (little siblings tend to snot and snarf everywhere!). I hate putting in a sick day, however, because the guilt of not being at work becomes all-consuming and I end up doing a billion chores to justify my stay at home (when I should actually be in bed, but whatever). So, laundry done, counters wiped, and oh yeah…two delightful dishes! (one of which is not pictured, because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for that (see Chocolate Covered Katie’s Healthy Choc Chip Cookiesdivinnnnne! So easy to make (really, a one-bowl wonder!) and small enough portions that I can happily scarf the lot (which I couldn’t for want of a more manly stomach)).

During the week we usually have some rehash of our weekly soup/stew with add-ons, such as spinach and salad for me, and some starch for the man-thing. Today I trolled the web hard for some new recipe to break the monotony, and stumbled across this “Mediterranean veg Shepard’s pie” by nomnomvegan over at vegweb. The name already told me I was in safe hands, so I snail-fully slid to the shops and bought some things, and procrastinated for an hour before setting sail. I’ve never made such a dish, so I had no idea whether it was going according to plan (sometimes recipes and I have a conflict of interest), but man-thing assures me it looks and tastes perfectly normal.

The recipe says it feeds 4-6, but I say 8-10 more like, all things depending. innards2sized

Some immediate changes, as always, includes the replacement of normal potatoes for sweet potatoes, because they are nom in our humble opinion, and don’t make me sleepy an hour later. I left out the butter in the “mashed potato” top spread, and instead blitzed the boiled sweet potatoes with 3 TBSPs soy milk AND 1 TBSP tahini in the food processor quickly.

I added the 2 cups of mushrooms, but also 2 cups of chopped baby marrows, as well as a handful of green beans, later chopped, since I only used one packet of Fry’s vegetarian mince. I truly have no idea what frozen beef crumbles are, and I deliberated hard at the shops whether to buy mince or “beef strips”. I figured that Fry’s mince is kinda wormy (in a good way), so it would be textured enough to work. To that, for meatiness, I added a can of chickpeas, drained. My mince was getting kind of sticky (my non-stick pan sucks, but I suspect I forgot the oil, whoops!) so I splashed some red wine vinegar around, and added the sachet of gravy that come with the mince to the marmite, as well as a dollop of nutritional yeast in the jar.

Apart from that, minimal changes! I added 2 tsp of curry powder and a splash of every kind of spice in our spice drawer, for kicks. NOM. Really  hearty and warm and no funny business at all! Definitely a squishy eat, no stern frame of pie shell or whatever to keep everything in check, and so all the better! If I really was a sadist and hated myself I would mop up the sloopy bits with naan bread or something equally decadent. Because I dislike diabetes, and don’t actually have a subconscious desire to do such things, I just lick the plate when man-thing’s not looking. >:)


Sorry for the lack of glamour shots. I was, despite nausea, quite keen to test it out, and it was rather nommy indeed! I baked it for 25 minutes, but IMO it could have gone for longer, since I love the brown slight crisp of the sweet potato on top. Either way, a resounding success. Unfortunately I made too much of the innards (minus the sweet potato layer), so we play to use that with whole-wheat spaghetti tomorrow evening. Lah!

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