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Pumpkin cheesecake, and some lessons regarding sugar

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In celebration of my new, shiny, delightful and subservient car, I decided I should go wild and make a rich cake. That is, something that has more than 1/4 cup sugar in it. I came across this beauty over at Post Punk Kitchen, the Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pecan Crunch topping, and decided to go for it because it didn’t involve any tofutti cream cheese nonsense or other impossible ingredients. I would oh so dearly love to make a plain Jane cheesecake for my family, but I seem to be continually foiled!

All I can now say is that, whilst I see great potential in the recipe, I will not make it again as is. SUGAR is coming out of my eyeballs, and my pre-diabetic body is very unhappy with me at the moment :(. Firstly, I couldn’t see in the recipe an indication of size of baking tin, so with the amount of batter and graham cracker base I had, it ended up covering two 22cm pans. Which would be grand, if I didn’t have to take a nap afterwards. Next time I’ll make a different base and use the whole of the batter in one higher tin – PPK’s version looks much bigger than mine do – so more space to really bite into a piece! 🙂

Please don’t let me weirdness put you off this recipe though! Once you get beyond the topping it’s actually quite tasty and interesting. I certainly have a big soft spot for any pumpkin pie/cake, and this is definitely another addition to my pumpkin go-to’s. Man-thing likes it very much, and since his taste buds are more ‘normal’ than mine, I figure that’s a better indicator of nom! 

For the crust I went over to Chocolate Covered Katie’s Healthy Graham Cracker Pie Crust, because I wanted to reduce as much extra sugar and stuff as early as possible. Next time. however, I will simply make the base I’ve been using as shown in her lemon square recipe, which is such a delightful treat still, because I am a sucker for lemon. Also, no matter how much I patted down the pie crust, when it came to smearing the relatively thick (less pour-y, more spoon-y) batter , I basically smeared all my hard word away in a swipe of a spatula, so that I know there are graham cracker bits floating where they shouldn’t be. Nevertheless, those crackers, as is, are DIVINE. seriously, I was having trouble controlling myself. I almost didn’t have enough left after baking to blitz to crumbs because of all the scarfing down I was doing. Whoops :s

Anyhow! Onto le cake!

closeuppreeating (1 of 1)

cakeside (1 of 1)

Because of my *ahem* difficulties in my rather firm batter (I suspect I got the wrong type of tofu, blast) I wasn’t brave enough to gently swirl the two batters with a chopstick, so instead one gets a semi layered effect. I wasn’t sure if the sugar was supposed to melt all lovingly into the batter, either, because my pecan crunch topping just stayed on top….very sugary and gah, too much sweet! Next time definitely keeping the innards and leaving everything else off! The graham crust did add a lovely little crunch to it though, so I might just try incorporate ginger biscuits or a more gingery-based….base. *Koff*

cakefront eaten (1 of 1) closeup (1 of 1)

Either way! As you can see, delightfully soft and squishy inside, as it’s supposed to be, and I do love the addition of the pecans. Next time I’ll see about swirling them into the top of the batter or what not so they don’t fly everywhere. But seriously, man-thing seems to approve, so I guess that’s the verdict. I’m taking one of these to the History Department because there is no way man-thing and I will be able to eat both. I made crustless pumpkin pie for myself for the week, so man-thing can eat the rest of the whole extra tin by his lonesome (for which he is desperately happy).

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