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Vegan cheese and brown rice pizza!

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I decided enough was enough and took matters into my own hands after the complete failure to procure vegan cheese in my dowdy city. My biggest problem was finding a recipe which didn’t require bladdy cheesecloth (which I later discovered is muslin, but too late now!). Finally I came across this tasty looking recipe by Jenna (apparently from Canada). I was quite horrified by the amount of cashews, and it is most certainly more voluminous in its totality than 6 servings, but nevertheless, success! My biggest incentive was the idea that it melts and shreds. Perfect! Except, it takes long to melt, so with my vegan pizza I got agitated and din’t wait long enough for it to really soak into the other ingredients, for fear of burning the crust and other goodies. Nevertheless, had this on crackers with hummus and fig jam, and it was a delight!

cheesegrater resized

cheesegrated resized

In celebration of cheese, and to make myself feel better after my omelette du fail, I decided pizza was in order, but this time wanted to try something other than my usual polenta base.

Brown rice! This delightful, healthy, easy peasy recipe from Natural Noshing makes me glee. It comes with step-by-step picture instructions too, so nyarr! What she says is true about also being able to use the crust as a pita type thing for dips (might make another one tomorrow just to gobble up the hummus in the fridge). The bad thing is that it is so tasty that I actually ate  a whole pizza. Gah!
My crust came out a bit crunchy because I overcooked it, but Dawid’s came out fluffy and perfect, with just enough crisp. MAN this is delicious! In fact, I am so stuffed I can’t even imagine eating my lovely vegan jelly. Whoops, next time will only eat half of one portion and add some salad vibes with it.


final pizzaresized

We plonked some steamed red cabbage, butternut and spinach and nestled some Fry’s vegetarian sausage slices inbetween. At the end I splashed some balsamic vinegar and added some mango chutney. soooo goood!

final pizza2resizedTomorrow’s project: calzones! I have to get rid of this cheese somehow :p

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