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Fig bars, back-chat and lemon curd flashbacks

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Today pal Anja came by do work on her Masters whilst the man-thing toiled away at the ol’ PHD. She brought with a bag full of fresh figs, plucked straight from a tree in her garden. Needless to say, chuffed-ness was had. I quickly scoured the internets for a suitable recipe, which naturally took 3 hours, because I was making soup and trolling Tastespotting and Foodgawker. I finally stumbled across Kathy’s recipe for fresh fig bars– her shiny is always a favourite to scroll up and down over, so I knew it would come out nommy.

such goodness


I did make some changes to the recipe, based on what I had in the house.

Instead of splitting the flour between AP & WW, I used 2 cups of Nutty Wheat Hi-Fibre flour, because it make me feel calmer about making goodies. I also used about 3/4 f a cup of fructose instead of the whole cup of sugar, as well as only one TBSP of coconut oil. For the sauce, since we rarely have juice in the house, I squeezed an orange and finally got to open my bottle of agave nectar, which is divine and lacks the strong potency of honey (which I am over!). I also cracked open the last of the pecan nuts I got from Nicole lassstt year sometime (feels weird, new year!) instead of walnuts.

What I will do next time (and there *will* be a next time, provided I get my paws on more figs) is to add, apart from the recipe as is, a thin layer of delicious, nommy, LEMOND CURD! 😀 I’ve been dying to find something to use lemon curd with for ages now (after my gleeful success a while back making strawberry walnut lemon curd bars) and this will be a divine combination. Just to show what I’m talking about- THESE lovelies! Just look at that delicious lemon curd peeking out- NOM NOMS!


The man-thing could barely breathe eating a slice, so quickly did he stuff it into his mouth, and then proclaimed that, nevermind the figs, he loved the base. And then, after a while, he got a gleam in his eye and reminded me of a post we read on reddit a while back that tuned figs weren’t actually vegan, since they contain dead wasp poo or something, but whatever! I love figs! High in fibre and goodness, this is one thing I adore to add to absolutely anything. Nevertheless, having someone playfully taunting me that I’m finally getting a taste of wasp meat is rather sulk-inducing. :p

Anyway, I think a trip to the in-laws to score some lemons is in order 😀

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