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home-made chocolate, chocolate bark and banana ice-cream

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Well, I went slightly beserk this morning and bought all sorts of ingredients in order to make vegan butter later this week. In the meanwhile, I stocked up quite hectically on carob powder and coconut oil- what better thing to do with these two individually glorious ingredients than to make home-made chocolate, say I!

The linked recipe is super, super easy. As in, I felt equal parts monkey and culinary genius whilst making the delectable sauce of goodness. As you can see from the recipe, one takes approx 1/2 cup carob powder, sifted into a bowl, and 1/2 cup coconut oil. The coconut oil should be in a glass container inside a moat of boiling water until it turns clear, NOT chucked in the microwave. Then one slowly mixes in the coconut oil into the carob powder until it turns into a lovely melted chocolate, once you’ve sorted out all the blobs and floaty bits. Here one must really stick a tongue or finger into the concoction to test whether it is too harsh or bitter- some folk like their chocolate sweet like desperate prags, but I love 80% and above choc, so this was heaven. If one wants to use the chocolate for chocolate purposes (as in, formed into a block or what not, follow the recipe).


Here I parted ways and used the melted choc in another recipe for dark choc bark, as it is called. As I was preening over the dark choc, I had already chopped some pitted dates and simmered them with some splashes of boiling water (one TBSP just didn’t seem enough for block dates (a la Sunmaid) as opposed to actual Medjool dates) until a paste was formed.

simmering datesmixture choc and dates

Glory! I then swooned the melted home-made chocolate over, into and around the date paste on a low heat (you may as well turn off your stove before you even think of adding the choc- mine seemed to have burnt somewhat :[). Somehow, when one adds stuff to melted choc, or melted choc to stuff, the constistency becomes crazy- previously when using store-bought chocolate to melt, I was able to add a few squirts of water and let it stir over a super low heat- alas, with the addition of coconut oil and the failure of science-foresight on my part, this wasn’t exactly the proper solution- next time, no date paste unless made with store-bought choc, alas! Nevertheless, it came out quite sturdy and delicious and I poured the mixture over a shallow baking pan lined with baking paper and plonked it first in the fridge for a long while, and now it’s in the freezer because it’s taking its sweet time becoming crispy/crunchy. Still, it has a wonderful, glorious bite to it, especially considering I layered it with a mixture of carob powder, crushed almonds, pistachios, linseed & cashews as well as goji berries. Stuff of champions! Next time I think I’ll try to worm some protein powder in there somewhere to give it extra punch.

into the freezer This dash of loveliness is meant to be broken apart by hand, IMO- others have talked of slicing it into blocks, but this is too elegant for structure. In fact, I used it not half an hour ago in what is possibly the loveliest dessert I’ve had in a while, simply because it gave me hope that this veganism thing will work out on the ice-cream front, and that I won’t suffer. :p

Banana ice-cream (2 servings)

This morning I sliced two bananas and plonked them in a tupperware and into the freezer. Little did I know one is supposed to lay the individual slices down flat on a baking tray and then lovingly and delicately store it in the freezer. Patience = 0, therefore my version is fine. Even opening the tupperware I got SO excited because the consistency was already divine, and I could’ve taken a spoon to it right then and there. I resisted.

Instead, I dashed everything into the food processor and whirled it for a minute, adding a TBSP of peanut butter towards the end- TBH this mixture melts quite easily if one is too frisky with it, so by the time I had processed the peanut butter it had lost that immediate hard ice-cream tone which made me swoon, but it was still, truly, *EPIC*. Scoop it into a cone, add some peppermint essence to the mixture, sprinkle with cinnamon or even paprika…you cannot do it any harm. It will resist and be all the more sumptuous for it.

dessert dear nom!

I topped our desserts with more of the mixture from the bark as well as a few clips of the bark for extra crunch. SO GOOD! OMNOMONOMONOM!

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