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Turkish delight!

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For Christmas this year I’ve decided against buying presents and instead making a batch of different vegan edibles for the recipients to (hopefully) enjoy, along with a little succulent pot plant that we made a few weeks ago. The first thing to be made and go into the holiday hamper (more like tiny little bucket of testers) is turkish delight. I’ve been spotting this beautiful yummy treat everywhere I go these days, and figured that it couldn’t be so hard to make oneself, considering it’s mostly cornstarch, sugar and water.

My bravado is the reason why I had to try out two different recipes and throw away my first batch.

in the bin

Lesson learnt: just because it’s pink it doesn’t mean it’s Turkish Delight

Attempt #2: I used the recipe from this blog, and although I had my suspicions about the amount of sugar needed, it is really a pittance compared to some of the others I’ve seen that calls for 4 (!!) cups minimum.

Ingredients (yields 12 small servings)

1 litre water

300g sugar (I used 260g fructose)

2 Tbsp lemon juice

100g cornflour

1 Tbsp rose water

1 drop red food colouring (I didn’t have the frozen raspberries at hand, alas!)

Dusting: Two handfuls of cornflour and 50g or so icing sugar (whatever, actually. Just glomp enough into a bowl to dust onto the TD)

In one pot, mix 500ml water, sugar & lemon juice and boil it. I boiled this sucker for quite a while since I didn’t know what it was supposed to look like. In the end it wasn’t very “thick” as the original recipe says it should be, but it was only when I poured it into the second pot that I could see it had changed the consistency somewhat. The colour also goes a bit off-white, but since I used fructose instead of brown sugar, say, it obviously was quite subtle. Either way, boil til “thick.”

THEN in another pot (thick-bottomed, should be sturdy- this will also make cleaning up easier) mix the remaining 500ml water with the cornflour and stir vigorously until smooth and un-clotted. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir languidly but constantly (I didn’t and I could see a difference- got distracted by leftover sushi!). Once the mixture thickens you can add the sugar mixture and stir, bringing the whole thing to a simmer (the cornstarch and water mixture reminded me SO much of my lemon curd adventures- om nom!).

cornstarch mixture

Once it’s all mixed and simmering you can let the mixture carry on its bubbliness for 30mins to one hour. I admit I freaked out at the bubbles but one must be strong and plod on.

bubbly mixture

Once you’ve let it simmer for quite some time and feel enough is enough, add the rosewater & colouring, mixing everything nicely together.

done supposedly

Alas, the bottom of my pot got all sugary & crystallized, but it didn’t affect the (little!) mixture that was left. I was actually flabbergasted at how much of the mixture had clung to the pot, so next time I’ll go scouting for methods of getting it off the bottom.

Anyhow, plonk the mixture in some tupperware uncovered in the fridge overnight. The next day it should look like this:

out of the fridge

With the dusting, it becomes much more like it should be! Such relief!

dusting glee


With the plants we stygied.

flowers and delight

All packed away in layers of baking paper and sealed up. The mixture was “sweating” a little bit, as they say, which is to say absorbing the cornflour & icing a bit, but I splashed some more of the dusting mixture in between as well, and before placing them in their person-specific packages will dust again.

packed away

So tasty! Just like the real thing. *strut* The man-thing commented that while I was away shopping he was tempted by the un-floured bits, which is mighty praise. :p

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