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Vegan brownies and more pumpkin cookies

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So, after bravely parting with my other batch of pumpkin brownies which went to a LAN, I decided I had to make more for the week ahead since they are quite healthy and good to have about for a nibble instead of rusks. When making the purée from scratch I smashed up the pumpkin when it was still a smidge firm and also dunked it in the freezer for about 15 minutes (whilst I did other things, see below), so the consistency of this batch came out much firmer and, perhaps, even better! I also added almonds instead of pistachios for a slightly different crunch, but overall these are the best!


Meanwhile (yes, this really was a multitasking project!) I made these delightful vegan brownies based on the recipe from Healthy Vegan Recipes.  I must say, the idea of baking  sweets with kidney beans has been tormenting me for a while now, even if it is for the simple fact of combining rich looking colours into my food processor.

Firstly, I must say that my food processor could barely contain all of the ingredients, which just makes it all the better, in my opinion. I had to stop and scrape down the sides a few times and then just smoosh the spatula around to get the ingredients all friendly-like with each other.

brownie mixture1

brownie mixture 2

You see what I’m saying? drool! The best part is that it requires no refined sugar! I had to constantly re-check the recipe to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. I’m really enjoying baking with dates as a natural sugar replacement, however- texturally and omnomlly.

Anyhow, although the original recipe pulls faces at wholewheat flour, I used nutty wheat/bran flour, just because that’s how I roll, and I also really dig the denser mixture. Nevertheless, the brownies came out fluffy and not at all like a hunk of charred flesh.


Yeah! I melted some dark chocolate discs and spatula’d it on the top after poking lots of holes with a toothpick. Y’know, for pizazz. Now it’s STILL cooling down, but I have given up and sliced the stuff up, for science, and had a nibble. Ye gods, tis soft and earthy and has that slight bitter edge that I like. AND because there are raisins in there I caught a few on my slicey knife and it tasted JUST like the chocolate covered raisins I fantasize about regularly and mmmmmm.



I should probably have taken this opportunity to test out my new piping set, but brownies feel decadent enough without a big hoo-haa on top.

Aaaand my obligatory Gatsby photo!


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