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Gluten-free vegan pumpkin zucchini pie + the winner of Nutrition CHAMPs giveaway

 I had a little trip to the hospital yesterday, and the end result was a doctor recommending I try gluten-free to see if that will not alleviate symptoms. I wanted to protest and rather went into shock and started rambling about “but I’m vegan” and how I already changed my diet once, rather dramatically, to try and cure this ailment, so how was this now going to help? Luckily I’m a veteran stalker of vegan blogs, and there are so many of you out there who are gluten-free vegans and have survived to tell the tale, not to mention share delicious recipes, so I’m less shattered about it all, but still. I love wheat!
gfveganpiesliced1Before I get carried away, however, I’m also going to announce the winner of Jill Nussinow’s ebook, Nutrition CHAMPS! Thank you to everyone who entered and left comments – click the clicky button to see who won!CHAMPS cover
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Vegan sweet potato bars with chia raspberry spread and sprinkles

I call these bars, though they’re actually mini loaves. I find that people feel better about themselves, less like they’re “pigging out”, when something is more bar and less loaf, especially if they’re on a “guilt-free” trip. It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, so I figure it’s apt to get to the gritty of how people approach and choose what to eat or not to eat. I may not be in the US but I still think it’s a pretty valid topic considering my ED background. I personally always strive to make healthy, awesomesauce decisions, but it’s not always so easy. That’s why a lot of I make is to try and be as “trigger-free” as possible – no mass amounts of sugar, crazy ingredients and guilt, because not all of us can overcome that voice in our heads or the growling in our stomach that both judges and seduces us. These bars? Guilt.Free. At least for me.

sweetpotatoalmondbutterdrizzlebars2As always, don’t forget I’m hosting an awesome international giveaway of The Veggie Queen’s book, Nutrition CHAMPS!veggiequeennutritionchampsgiveaway.jpg

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WIAW + a savoury vegan waffle sensation

Wednesday again…back and work again…so many things can change and yet stay the same, such as the sinking feeling I get every Wednesday when I know I have to get out of my pajama-style home uniform and look presentable once more for the busy world. Here’s a squizz at what I ate yesterday!
WIAWbuttonwafflesavoury1And before we get started, don’t forget to enter the worldwide giveaway for Jill Nussinow/The Veggie Queen’s book Nutrition CHAMPS! Entry is really super easy, and I do a random selection so don’t stress if you don’t have twitter and can’t tweet an entry, for example :)

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Jill Nussinow’s ebook Nutrition CHAMPS: Review + Worldwide Giveaway!

Today I get to share something really fun and exciting with the whole world: a review of Jill Nussinow’s ebook, Nutrition CHAMPS:The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating & Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy & Vitality, as well as a worldwide giveaway for one lucky reader! :D


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Almost raw nut butter + cranberry delight bites (GF)

As many of you may know, I like to keep some freezer treats on hand in case of desperate munchies when fruit, carrot sticks or cucumbers just won’t cut it. These beauties have texture, spice, and fruity crunch with the cranberries, slathered in a mocha chocolate nut butter drizzle for the ultimate in healthy indulgence.bittendelightyegods
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WIAW: chowder and chats

Back at work today and a signal to end the procrastination that has consumed my soul! As for consuming of foodstuffs, let’s have a look at WIAW!WIAWbuttonlunchofgoodydoom Continue reading



Sweet mini pita apple cabbage caramel swirl pockets

Lazy, lazy day! Today I’m bringing you a  simple but comforting little snack-dish that can be made ahead of time and stuffed and munched when you’re in the mood for something sweet but filling. I think many of us can agree on apples and dates as a combination of delight, but I have a soft spot for cabbage, so there you have it – veggies to totally justify this as a healthy indulgence, if you need such an excuse ;) stuffedpitayums3stuffedpitayums4 Continue reading


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