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Sundae parfait

Sunday was all about comfort food, and hence the popcorn blizzard sundae parfait! :D Super easy to assemble and just uber tasty! I got to enjoy it all by myself because the brownies have veggies in them and the ice-cream is made with bananas, both of which send Man-thing running for the hills. Nevertheless I decided to wait until he took a nap before making this treat, just to minimize the gloating, because there was lots of it. Lots! sundaesplash

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Cauliflower flatbreads

Ever since February I’ve been in a bit of a body funk, not knowing what to eat or what’s going to make me regret eating, and unfortunately basic cauliflower is not my friend. Mashed down and hidden in different forms, however, it’s a dream come true because it’s such a versatile ingredient that happens to be healthy and low-carb. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily on a low carb kick (definitely not, in fact), but it’s just one of those added bonuses. Flourless, easy and a good staple to keep in the house, these flatbreads are pretty ninja at keeping you full on the go.flatbreadspread

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WIAW + back in action!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted! Life has been insane to a whole new level thanks to endless assignments which have made no sense, but luckily two big ones are done (or at least I submitted before the due date, though who knows if they’re anywhere near correct!) so I’m back and ready to take on projects again.  What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a WIAW?wiawmarfigslogo

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Chocolate fudge swirl muffins

Oh my goodness. This stuff is soft, squishy, fudgy deliciousness! I was actually just messing around to test the oven and wanted to see if I could make mini individual and more rustic versions of my in-laws’ family recipe for the chocolate pudding cake of doom-y deliciousness. I would say this is a solid win!fudgymuffinsplash Continue reading


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Secretly healthy peanut butter pizookie delight

I finally made a pizookie! :D Admittedly it’s a lot like a chickpea blondie in some ways, but oh man is it easy, tasty, and just fun beyond measure. PBpizookiesplash Continue reading


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Here’s another WIAW for those of you who have voyeuristic tendancies. It was a super lazy day yesterday since I took the afternoon off to help a pal out, and I was feeling very much like a hermit. Enter snacks galore! wiawmarfigslogo Continue reading



Pumpkin glazed doughnut holes

“You’ll never gain weight from a doughnut hole.”

I must admit that in blue times I turn to a splash of Tori Amos and sweets, which all in all is not a bad combination. Trilling at the top of one’s lungs is a lot easier when you’re in a house and not an apartment block, though I think my neighbours can still hear every squeal and off-key note, but I’m sure they can also smell all the delicious goodies I’ve been baking in my shiny new oven, so boo for them. More sweets for me! dippeddonutholessplash

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