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Zesty caramel nut cookies (gf + v)

¬†Greetings! It’s Sunday (most sadly) and I’ve got something fun to share today – some tasty, super easy cookies! I’ve been plotting these for a while, so it’s a treat to finally get to share them. Click to eyeball the recipe!cookiespreadsplash

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No-bake banana bread ball parfait

Today is apparently (inter)national Eat Dessert First Day! This is my kinda day, because that’s the way the universe should function: pudding first, real life later. Luckily for me summer is almost here and then I can have dessert for breakfast every day in the form of a smoothie bowl, which is nature’s candy. In the meantime, here is a meager but easy offering to take the edge off of a Wednesday.pudding5 Continue reading



Breakfast barley bowl

Today’s post is a very simple little hello in the form of a breakfast barley bowl. I’ve been trying to cut down on junk food of late, since being vegan doesn’t mean eating healthy necessarily, so this was my way of kickstarting Sunday with some nutritional pow. I’ve also been cooking up a storm trying out recipes from Annie’s wonderful book, Crave Eat Heal, so all in all this was a pretty food-filled weekend, definitely defined by those words.barleybowl1

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Silky mocha nut brownies

Today’s recipe is super easy, healthy, and great to have in the fridge to cure the munchies, which seems to be my constant mood of late. Also, there’s nothing better than chocolate to ease you into a weekend, especially if the weekend involves work (as mine will)! If not, chocolate still has a right to exist in your life in the form of these brownies.mochabrowniesplash

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WIAW + What I Wanted to Eat # 2

I’ve been on the quiet side of late, partly because of cat overload and partly because I’m low on fun ingredients, so I’ve decided to tide you over til the next post on Friday with this What I ate & What I Wanted to Eat mashup. My WIAW posts are pretty standard since I’m a creature of habit, so I thought it would be fun to show you what I craved next to what I actually munched, since I’m sure I’m not the only one who is always grumpy at the lack of daily flair to their meals.wiawmarfigslogo Continue reading


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Creamy lemon pasta (gf + v)

Life is great! The other shoe will always drop at some point, so I’ve decided to have a positive attitude in the meantime and just revel in life and all the fun things that are happening at the moment. As dork as it might sound my current glee is the two-day course I’m presenting, and it feels great to be back in an interactive class environment where researchers can see results in front of their very eyes. With all this busy stuff, in between doing assignments, my other work and general care-taking of cats, there isn’t much time for fancy business when it comes to food. That’s where this fun and delicious creamy lemon pasta comes in. Ka-pow!creamypastatopsplashI promise at some point I’ll stop spamming everyone, but remember you can click the link below to download the free new e-book with 30+ vegan root-veggie based recipes! :D

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BBQ pulled sandwiches

Ok, so something weird happened in the kitchen, and the result is these bbq pulled sandwiches. I have no idea what to say other than yum and more please! :ptopbbqsandwichessplashAnd just to remind you, you can download the free e-book by clicking the pic below! :Dradishsplashpage

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