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WIAW + a savoury vegan waffle sensation

Wednesday again…back and work again…so many things can change and yet stay the same, such as the sinking feeling I get every Wednesday when I know I have to get out of my pajama-style home uniform and look presentable once more for the busy world. Here’s a squizz at what I ate yesterday!
WIAWbuttonwafflesavoury1And before we get started, don’t forget to enter the worldwide giveaway for Jill Nussinow/The Veggie Queen’s book Nutrition CHAMPS! Entry is really super easy, and I do a random selection so don’t stress if you don’t have twitter and can’t tweet an entry, for example :)

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Jill Nussinow’s ebook Nutrition CHAMPS: Review + Worldwide Giveaway!

Today I get to share something really fun and exciting with the whole world: a review of Jill Nussinow’s ebook, Nutrition CHAMPS:The Veggie Queen’s Guide to Eating & Cooking for Optimum Health, Happiness, Energy & Vitality, as well as a worldwide giveaway for one lucky reader! :D


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Almost raw nut butter + cranberry delight bites (GF)

As many of you may know, I like to keep some freezer treats on hand in case of desperate munchies when fruit, carrot sticks or cucumbers just won’t cut it. These beauties have texture, spice, and fruity crunch with the cranberries, slathered in a mocha chocolate nut butter drizzle for the ultimate in healthy indulgence.bittendelightyegods
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WIAW: chowder and chats

Back at work today and a signal to end the procrastination that has consumed my soul! As for consuming of foodstuffs, let’s have a look at WIAW!WIAWbuttonlunchofgoodydoom Continue reading



Sweet mini pita apple cabbage caramel swirl pockets

Lazy, lazy day! Today I’m bringing you a  simple but comforting little snack-dish that can be made ahead of time and stuffed and munched when you’re in the mood for something sweet but filling. I think many of us can agree on apples and dates as a combination of delight, but I have a soft spot for cabbage, so there you have it – veggies to totally justify this as a healthy indulgence, if you need such an excuse ;) stuffedpitayums3stuffedpitayums4 Continue reading



10 vegan Valentine’s recipes to satisfy all senses {and loving an omnivore}

V-day isn’t just about being in romantic relationships, thankfully. There is so much reason to love in the world every single day, but since humans love their holidays and themes, I may as well share some treats that can be whipped up to spoil friends (for a palentines day), family, or even just yourself (most legit of all).

I’m also linking to my article that was just published on Chic Vegan entitled “Loving an Omnivore”, so have a gander and let me know how you cope if you’re also in an omni-veggie relationship :Dvalentinesbash.jpg

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WIAW + Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

Back in December 2014 I got contacted by Vegan Cuts to let me know that I’ve been chosen as an ambassador (yay!) and that they’d be sending me a free goodie box to test out and review. Alas, what with a postal strike that went on for months and the backlog that ensued, I only got my box this week! Better late than never, so here’s WIAW and an overview of my goodies (AKA trying to eat as much of it as possible in the space of a day or two!).WIAWbuttonvegan_cuts-snackbox

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