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WIAW and health update

Aloha one and all! I bring you another very sad and dingy WIAW, but for good reason. Beware, TMI ahead!wiawmarfigslogo Continue reading



Rustic orange opera cake {vegan + gluten-free}

Ta da! Ok, can I get my strut on for finally making an opera cake? Please? Marfigs style, of course, but so silly delicious that I had a hard time slicing this up without eating everything, because there’s few pleasures in life as satisfying as making a layer cake (for food nerds, I guess). This is a little teaser for the kind of ridiculousness you can expect in my upcoming ebook (which still needs a title, tears!) because there’s a sneaky secret ingredient which calls for smugness. And cake!rustictopsplash Continue reading


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WIAW on days off

I’m off this week (huzzah and all that) to tend to some random admin tasks, such as getting poor Freyja sterilized tomorrow and then my specialist’s appointment on Friday, so the week has pretty much been a pajama fest til now, trying my best to stay upbeat and proactive despite the siren’s song from the realm of nap and other tricksy creatures that defeat motivation. Sometimes I prefer just going to work to feel like I’ve gotten something done that day, but I guess I should thank my lucky stars, since it’s going to get rough the upcoming while with assignments for my library diploma and general work training. Naturally all this leads to one thing: munchies of doom! Welcome to WIAW.wiawmarfigslogo Continue reading



Buckwheat rusks {vegan +gluten-free}

Today’s post makes me giddy, because I get to share something super typically South African – the loyal, hardworking rusk. A twice-baked hard biscuit, it’s perfect as a quick snack or breakfast. Ideally it’s meant to be dunked in a hot beverage, but it’s also great to chew as is or give to teething babies, if you’ve got some of those lying around. marfigsruskssplash

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Sloppy joe pumpkin potatoes {vegan + gluten-free}

There are some things I’ve always been keen to try, and a sloppy joe is one of them. This dish takes a pumpkin-based joe and stuffs it into a grilled baby potato instead of a huge burger, because we impulsively bought the little buggers and then were kind of at a loss as to what to do with them, not being big fans usually. May I just say, yum?

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WIAW on a drizzly day

Winter is here! I’ve brought my heater to work and it’s been drizzly and cold the past while, so there’s no fooling ourselves about this mythical thing called “autumn”. It’s going to stay cold for the next few dastardly months, so with that in mind comfort food all the way for WIAW!wiawmarfigslogo

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Sago peach Easter pudding

And so ends a glorious long weekend, much deserved and very much appreciated! This weekend I’ve managed to catch up on so many baking projects and testing recipes for my upcoming ebook which I can’t wait to share with everyone. :D There’s decadence abound, I assure you! Speaking of decadence, here’s a doozy: vegan sago pudding. It tastes like the real deal, as Man-thing has assured me, and is just a magical, filling and rich dessert. YUM!sagopuddingyummarfigs
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