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WIAW and staying fed despite yourself

Warning: this post is not a celebration of food as my usual WIAWs are, but I figure it’s important to show the grimy days sometimes alongside the giddy ones, because both are real and both impact you as a person. I love being happy, energetic and mobile (who doesn’t), but I’ve been run down for more than a month and a half now so I’m in a food crisis where I’m not sure what to eat. I’m sure lots of people feel the same, so hopefully my ramblings won’t be alien but will maybe reflect your own ambivalence when ill on what on earth you can do and eat to do more than just survive.

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Vegan pecan paté and jam sandwiches on cauliflower oat bread {gluten-free}

I’ll explain the madness behind this combination below, but trust me – it’s bladdy tasty! Man-thing really enjoyed it – he even ate 90% of my little oat loaves in one day, the rascal, despite knowing his dreaded nemesis (cauliflower) is the main ingredient. MUAHAHA!spreadsandwichestopyum

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Veganism and the curative diet: when healthy eating isn’t enough

Everyone has issues. Physically no body can be perfect; some people may have allergies, others digestive issues. Some may be on pain management diets, and others on a diet to address very specific diseases or simply suited to their ethical framework. What happens when one has multiple problems that attack your body, all with very different, often conflicting “solutions”? And what is there to do when you already eat a healthy, balanced diet and still struggle with your body and a never-ending sense of discomfort and pain? For some of you, don’t worry, this isn’t a “why I’m not vegan anymore” post, but I do have some things I’d like to share and get your opinion on.thinking-out-loud

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WIAW + monster zucchini flesh fest {vegan + gluten-free}

Another WIAW post for ye today. Since I work on Wednesdays I thought I’d share what I ate yesterday today, since that’s legit I’m sure, and no-one wants to see my terrible phone quality camera snaps since I don’t carry my snazz camera to work :pwiawmarfigslogo Continue reading



Vegan round-ups for St. Paddy’s day + sweet potato matcha cake {vegan + gluten-free}

Green! Green everywhere! I see green at every single meal I eat, so St Paddy’s Day being around the corner is a solid excuse to indulge in celebrating the aesthetics of the occasion at the very least, since a bit of research on what the Irish actually eat is pretty non-vegan, to say the least. Here be a round up of green vegan recipes and topped with a sweet potato matcha cake recipe! splashystpaddys twoprofilecakesapproved
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Taco cornmeal pancakes {vegan and gluten-free}

You’re probably looking at the title, then looking at the picture, and then asking yourself where the tacos are. Well, no tacos for us, since I can’t find any, and also because this is far superior. All the taco fixings stacked and smashed between absolutely delightful spiced thick and firm cornmeal pancakes. This is a filling, ridiculously happy meal made with all natural ingredients. Yes and yes!tacobeanpileprofile

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Sprouted lentil + rice burgers

I’m on a savoury kick of late, so I bring to you burgers – gorgeous, healthy, happy nuggets of goodness that will satisfy any junk food craving with tongue-in-cheek and a full belly. Sometimes there’s nothing better that I’d like than to waltz into a restaurant and order a burger with some deeply fried potatoes, but since my city sees fit to deny me my imaginary birthright, I have to fend for myself. O woe is me? Not quite, when burgers look like this.lentilriceburgerscloseup1

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