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WIAW and first world problems

Today’s WIAW is a usual spread of eats, all of which I need to start revamping! I’m the sort that, once I figure out what I like, stick with it pretty much forever, but with next week looming and two jobs in one day, my time for the blog will be even less since I don’t get the “luxury” of two days off a week. First world problem of choice: being employed every day (but admittedly still for peanuts!). So now I’m going to have to rewire my timing to still bring fun new recipes but made in between loadshedding, cat shelter stuff, family duties and other things on weekends, which is usually when I kick back and have one big pajama party. Ah well, onto yesterday’s eats!


And don’t forget you can download the free ebook if you haven’t yet had a chance!craftycarrotscover

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Persimmon oat parfait + spiced carrot cup chocolates This breakfast treat is in response to the nightmare that is library cataloguing, which I’m studying at the moment and which is making me reconsider life and breathe in chocolate as a more inspiring form of oxygen. I read the other day about how if one starts the day with your chocolate then you’ll crave it less the rest of the day. Well, that’s all lies but it was a good excuse to soothe my soul, bloodshot eyes and wired brain with some chocolate cup topped breakfast parfait goodness.

persimmonparfaitsplashDon’t forget you can download my free GF + vegan ebook by clicking the link below! :Dcraftycarrotscover

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WIAW and back in the driving seat

Welcome to What I Ate (for) Wednesday! Yesterday was a bit of a scramble since it was the last of a two day course that I presented on Advanced Word Editing, so there’s little to recommend my morning meals with regard to charm, but I did make up for it with sushi at least. Anyhow, onward ho!wiawmarfigslogo

Don’t forget that you can download my completely free ebook – 25 gluten-free + vegan carrot-based or infused recipes – there’s something for everyone! :D Click below to check it out.craftycarrotscover Continue reading



Rooibos tea ice-cream float

I usually try be healthy in my food choices and recipes, but today I’m sharing something too divine to count calories over! Ice-cream floats were one of my favourite treats when I came to South Africa over the holidays and got to indulge in all the delicious and terribly sweet food. One of these magical concoctions was the delightful ice-cream float, usually atop something ridiculous like a green fizzy drink or so. I may have grown up in the meantime and gone off of soft drinks, but I still sometimes get a craving for the amazing mix of fizzy stuff with ice-cream on top, so here’s a vegan version that may just rock your socks off!rooibosfloatsplash

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Crafty Carrots: Free Ebook + Chocolate Orange Brownies {vegan + gluten-free}

It’s finally here – my first ebook! This is 100% a labour of love and devotion to carrots, one of the main reasons I’m a delightful shade of yellow. :D 100% vegan, gluten-free, and only 2 out of the 25 recipes are oldies – the rest are totally new and exclusive to the ebook. Carrots can hide in plain sight, and this ebook manages to use this awesome ingredient in subtle and berserk ways, as is only fitting for such a versatile veggie.craftycarrotscover

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WIAW + a day of breakfasts

Ahoy! Today’s munchies are all about recovery – I only got back home Tuesday night at 22h00+ after spending an entire day at the hospital waiting to be prodded, so I only managed 100ml of apple juice and 1/2 a cup of tea before spacing out at home. I spent the whole day fantasizing about food so yesterday was all about spoiling myself (in moderation, I don’t want a repeat of last time). The best way to treat oneself, to my mind, is to dedicate the day to breakfast foods, so here’s a blast of WIAW!papayasplash Continue reading



Vegan tahini pear ice-cream with berry swirl {no ice-cream maker required}

After my success with making vegan meringues the other day, I still had some leftover pre-bake meringue mix that was lying in the fridge. The texture becomes rather foamy and I was too lazy to re-whip it to bake, so I did the only logical thing: made ice-cream. No words, just heaving breathing. :p


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