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Cherry pumpkin galette

This is a semi-savoury, semi-sweet kinda deal here, which makes it legit for all hours of the day. I’m going to say something pretty shocking, considering the high praises it usually gets on Marfigs, but I’m rather sick of smoothie bowls and my usual fare at the moment, and sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit. This galette is so easy and tasty that there’s no excuse not to give it a go and then stick it in your lunch box, breakfast or dinner plate.


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You probably can’t believe your eyes but yes, I am sharing a WIAW after a long hiatus on this front. I’ve been sick pretty much the whole year, so my eats have gone rather erratic, from minimalist to stretchy pants, but I figured it’s always cathartic to share one’s munchies (at least for food lovers), so here goes! (Oh, and I had lots of fun with the effects settings on my phone, so forgive the liberties :p)


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Creamy corn chowder soup

This is so easy to make that I’m going to send the link to Man-thing and with little subtlety meow about it on the regular so that I can get some Man-made dinner or lunch, which of course is the best there is. This is creamy, delicious, flavourful, and just a delight to eat. In fact, when finishing it up for dinner last night, Man-thing proclaimed that it was now his dish, most likely meaning that any attempts to make it in future must all be plated to him with not a morsel for me. We’ll see about that!cornchowdersplash Continue reading



Falafel bowl

I finally get to share this with you, since it’s been a hectic, long and slow week. These awesomesauce baked goodies are the perfect filler for sandwiches, salads, pastas and wraps, and next time I’m doubling the recipe. Let’s head over to the recipe!falafelsplash Continue reading


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Olive zucchini soup

This weekend was low on sleep and high on snacks and late nights, so forgive my lack of cohesion as I present my delicious lunch from yesterday and my dinner for the week ahead. We haven’t been on a soup kick in a very long time, after spending the first year of marriage making endless pots of the stuff. I’m a creature of habit so it doesn’t phase me, but Man-thing was looking depro so we took a break. I can’t hold back any longer though and re-introducing soup has been an absolute charm. Warm, comforting, and so incredibly easy!

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Pumpkin pecan pear muffins

How did it get to be Sunday already? This whole week, if not year, was just a big ol’ blur, but in between there were, at the very least, these delicious muffins for lunchbox business. Easy, ridiculously so!pumpkinpearmuffinssplash

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Veggie burger sandwich {GF + V}

I’m back (for now!) After the excitement of last week with giveaways and ebooks, it all hit a stand-still with sick kittens. I got pretty fed up of not making something fun or delicious (other than guzzling loads of NuNaturals Cocoa Syrup on everything) so burgers became my mission yesterday. I can’t begin to explain just how easy it is to make, and best of all it is veggie-loaded; in the burger and sandwiched in between. pumpkinburger15And don’t forget to check out the new Pumpkin-themed ebook, all free and ready for downloading :)pumpkinsplash Continue reading


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