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Apple cornbread French toast cake (gf + v)

Some of you may know that despite life getting the best of me sometimes, I like to plan ahead and have as much control as possible. Well, this has been on my to-do list since last year October, and I’m only now getting around to making it, but the point is I did, so suck it studies – I can totally multitask! :Dfrenchtoastsplash1 Continue reading



Superfood banana bread

This is such a fun bread to have in the house, no jokes! I bought an excess of bananas the other day (as if there is ever such a thing, as I have mournfully discovered), so I decided to bake one of Man-thing’s favourites: the good ol’ banana bread. Except, MOAR banana and crunch and yum and also healthy stuff, because we can’t just eat chocolate all day long, except for when we do and it’s hidden inside wild baked goods. :D

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Protein crunch bars {gf + v/vegan MOFO}

Today’s vegan Mofo theme is a bit strange to me because I’m a homebody who fiercely protects her personal space and alone time (Man-thing and cats don’t count as “other people” and therefore don’t bother me). We do take an annual holiday admittedly but then the answer to the question of what we would bring on a vegan road trip is “everything”. Since I’m not going to unpack my whole kitchen for this post I decided to make some easy protein crunch bars, since that’s always the one thing that’s guaranteed to fuel the long hours on the road. proteinbarssplash

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Broccoli soup + berry tahini asparagus spears {vegan MOFO}

Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is intent to trip me up, since it’s now spring in South Africa and the cold has officially left for now. I’ve taken off all the extra blankets and have started walking with just a t-shirt: all big strides! Knowing that it was going to get like this I planned ahead and made something a week or two ago when it was, in fact, “cold and (threatening to be) rainy”. There’s no chance, unfortunately, of a snow drift outside our door, but I used the ingredients I had on hand (without hitting the shops for extras) and made this simple but filling and yum soup with berry tahini asparagus spears.soupytopyuim


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Beany citrus zucchini {vegan MOFO}

Today’s Vegan Mofo theme is pretty evil, because three things is ridiculously restrictive when there’s such a bounty of food to tempt a perpetually nibbly Marfigs. My three endless food supplies that I would choose if I were to be stranded on an island (imagining my nutritional needs have been met) are, for now at least, kidney beans, oranges and zucchini. :Dbeanycitruszucchin5broccoliweb Continue reading



Ouma’s ginger pie {vegan MOFO}

Here goes nothing! My grandmother’s ginger pie veganized and healthy-fied! When I first saw the recipe I wanted to cry because there was so much sugar and processed ingredients, but this is hopefully still delicious, tasty, indulgent, and not too depressing for my grandmother, even though it’s totally different :p
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GF strawberry chunk pie {vegan MOFO}

Vegan Mofo is doing a number on my pants size…or maybe that’s just how it goes when the world is full of delicious ingredients! Today’s theme is my favorite late summer food. Since it’s end of winter here in the Southern hemisphere and we’ve skipped over Spring (as usual) and gone straight into the twilight zone, I decided to go with strawberries since it’s one of the few times a year we cross paths with the North and get their end-of-season produce. I’ve been tormented all winter long with berry this and berry that, but I hope I’m not being cruel and that you can still get some in the shops or markets to make this easy and frakkin delicious mini pie!strawberrypie5


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